Sunday, December 31, 2006

Boring days = Holidays

mr. hide and seek lizard has mysteriously disappeared. i wonder whether he got bored of me or he'd met his demise in some way which will never be known to me... i noticed his absence after getting back from genting...

so, genting was quite boring... we didn't know what to do so we spent the 1st day walking around the shopping area, which was redundant since kl/pj shops are in a whole other league above almost anywhere in malaysia. however, we did enter the casino... to get free hot milo!!! hahaha.. i think that must've sound so stupid... but none of us actually knew how to gamble... and we were of age to enter... although we did have to show our i.c. before entering, and one of the guards thought my friend was my mum... kakaka... after that she was like "do i look so old?" anyway, we ended the day by studying our respective books (YC-mina no nihonggo, BY-some JLPT level 4 book, and me-cima c4) in our room.

2nd day was better, although we woke up really late and only left the room after midday. we went bowling - where i really sucked at it and only striked like twice in 2 games... so malu-fying!!! then YC and BY went rock climbing... i didn't dare to because it looked scary and my arms were still hurting from lugging my luggage bag around the previous day. after that we played some arcade games and archery. archery was really tiring for my arms (since i don't really have much muscles and never exercise!!!) and since it was near closing time, the instructors/staff kept helping us out (so we could finish early and they could close up, i think). anyway, we ended the 2nd day by sitting in starbucks studying till 2am...

both days were raining and so it was really damp and cold whenever we went outside. we tried taking pictures in the misty night... this is one i took with my camera phone with a faint starbucks coffee sign in the background.

the journey home was such a misfortune. the cable car stopped for awhile when we were halfway on our journey down. then there were no available buses for us till 4pm, so we had to wait for more than 2 hours in the dingy bus station. our bus driver was a maniac racing down the winding roads making both my friends sick to the stomach. at kl sentral, putra lrt was down and so we were stranded there. after having a bite at secret recipe, we managed to take a train to taman jaya and from there everything was ok.

i managed to go for our church's christmas service in putra stadium. it was nice with lots of dancing. at night we had a family reunion dinner and LK and i followed a cousin to a catholic midnight mass in assumption church. we had to sit outside the overflow hall and so, had difficulty seeing the screen and hearing what was going on. plus this was the first time i've been to a midnight mass and so i have no idea what was going on and why we had to sit and stand numerous times. but it's very different from what i experience in my church. maybe next time i should go with someone who could actually explain to me what the rituals symbolises etc.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hide and Seek lizard

apparently, i'm in a hide-and-seek game with a very tricky lizard. this little reptile has been popping his head out from under the 3-seater sofa all night since i started working on my comp. this is all the dog's fault... if we didn't have a spoilt mutt which only eats when he feels like it (so his dinner has to be kept out for him until we go to bed), we'd have our pests under control.

anyway, this sneaky lizard has tried to out-smart me by popping out at different points from under the sofa. he discovered this trick when he figured that i had learned his routine and could predict where and when was his next scheduled attack.

hmm... somehow i think this cunning scaley fiend is more interested on beating me by creeping out unnoticed (by me) than actually stealing the dog's food!!! he's been trying countless times without any success so far... although he had a few near misses where he managed to creep out full body rather than just his head. the more attempts he makes, the more bold he becomes and is not easily cowwed by a flick of my hand.

unfortunately for me, he'll be having the run of the house in less than an hour's time as i have to catch some shuteye now. so mr. lizard, you win this round!!! i have a feeling we'll get a rematch for this out-smarting hide-and-seek game in the near future!

p.s: come to think of it, this lizard could very well be a female (since it is said by SOME people that females are more cunning...). if that's the case, then it'll have to be addressed as ms. lizard!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Encounter of the turd kind...

lately, i've been having alot of shit problems. and when i say shit, i literally mean shit! it started off when i went for a uni friend's party after my exams and i must've ate something wrong there because the next morning (which was coincidentally sunday) i felt so horrible with indigestion and that kind of feeling where you need to go but you just can't!!! at lunch, i kept feeling like vomitting but i tried to get my mind of that idea because vomitting is such a traumatic experience for me (always has been... but thinking back, i think vomitting then would have saved me so much pain). later into the evening, with no sign of any shit i started running a fever and my body ached everywhere... my theory behind this is that my body was full of toxic stuff but since there was no outlet for it, the toxic manifested into fever and body aches (whether this is logical or even right, i really have no idea)... anyway, the shit started pouring in the wee hours of monday morning. i was quite relieved but i kept having to hop into the loo every few minutes because it just wouldn't stop... my stomach, or rather big intestines, kept churning out liquified faeces with lots of air pockets. i could actually feel my intestines contracting and the air bubbles of various volumes travelling upwards (vapour pressure and gravity...)... i felt like a water dispenser... the ones with an inverted plastic water container on top of a dispenser with a tap...

this kept on for almost 2 days with no sign of the shit consistency getting any thicker than water. it wasn't energy-draining like all the other times i've had food poisoning, but i was geting concerned since there wasn't much improvement happening. so i went to see a doctor and he didn't even examine me and prescribed oral rehydration salts and some small green pills. the problem was that everytime i sipped the rehydration salt drink, it would make my stomach churn... so i stopped taking it and took the green pill. i think it helped to partially solidify the s**t. anyway, everything returned to a reasonable normal state after a week.

my 2nd turd encounter was early wednesday morning just outside my house gates... some inconsiderate cat had emptied its bowels right in front of the gate and burried it in sand. not seeing the turd and rushing to mum's holiday class, i stepped on it unknowingly! i didn't know i'd stepped on it till we started smelling something that smelled like vomit in the car. at first we thought that one of the kids had vomitted or stepped on cat turd... but turns out i was the culprit!!! of course no one else except mum found out about this. when we reached the school, i had to lock myself in the toilet and scrape off the s**t from my shoe heel using a wad of tissue... i nearly vomitted myself, from seeing it, the smell and the idea of the whole thing! i hate cats!!!!

after my food poisoning incident, it seems like the whole family is getting diarrhoea in turns. first was dad, but his wasn't too serious... then a couple of weeks later LK got it... and he still has it... it sounds quite bad and he also has the fever thing. mum just had it early this week but she's on her way to recovery...

this makes me think that there's probably something that's causing this problem in my house... i'm thinking it's got something to do with the mouldy wooden chopstick in the kitchen... probably it's some kind of aspergillus which spores may have settled on some utensils and its toxicity is causing the fever and diarrhoea... so now whenever i want to eat/drink, i wash the utensils thoroughly first.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


again... this blog is starting to lag... i don't really know why... just getting lazy i guess. funny thing... i was reading some blogs of people whom i know in uni (but not very well...) and i thought to myself, does my blog sound like that too? personally, i think it does at times... kakakaa... so boring... but hey, i'm not some kind of interesting or hot babe person, so i doesn't really matter i guess...

i find that when i read blogs of people i know, i can actually visualize or rather, hear, how they are dictating their entries! is it just me, or i'm getting over-imaginative?? they actually blog with colloquial english (with their personal slang... or whatever you call it) and i guess that's what makes their entris so... LIKE them! i think i do that sometimes, but for me i find that whenever i start writing something that's going to be permanent or important, i try to write it in the best english i can muster (which is why u see kindergarten english here, always! hehe). however the story's different when i'm chatting. if you chat with proper english you'll end up sounding so stuffed up...

somehow, i think (and this is my personal views which i do not intend to impose on anyone) that english should be used properly in cases where someone may form an opinion of you by reading what you have written. for that matter, any language should be used correctly so that the reader will have a certain level of respect for you and no miscommunication occurs. (this sounds so familiar... i think i've blogged about this before...) anyway, this is my opinion because i treasure english and seeing it misused makes me sad. after all, its use projects our (as malaysians) level of proficiency in the language and most malaysians have had the privilege of learning english in school since primary (the quality of the subjuct's teaching and importance stressed on this subject by the school is a different story) and i don't see why we can't use it as best as we can without mixing other languages into it etc.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My blog died for a few months!!!!

so finally my finals have finished. i feel abit strange since i'd just finished my exams right before the break and so i have suddenly plunged into a state of idleness after rigorous studying! i always get this feeling after tests/exams. it feels like there's some emptiness in me and suddenly i have no direction... i think alot of people feel that way too.

so what has been happening for the fast 3 months? alot actually, but i can't remember everything and i'm having flu now, so it's just too painful to do serious thinking.

i managed to secure a placement for my industrial training in march... but the problem is its a small lab and i think the lady boss is expecting me to do r&d on my own... so i think i'll try applying to other companies... i hope i can...

my exams were terrible... the only paper that feels ok to me was the biochemistry analysis, the rest... i have a bad feeling about them all!!! i don't think there'll be any A's this time around... i think i'm getting dumber... or i'm just losing my focus too often... well whatever the cause, what's done is done.

ok, i think i'll just post up this redundant post just to jumpstart this blog in the hopes of igniting the interest to blog in me again... as i'll be quite free until december 26th.

goodbye, for now... more will be coming soon (i hope)

Monday, August 14, 2006

horrible horrible schedule!!!

the mid-semester tests are starting to roll into my schedule!!! and to think that i've only mindlessly copied notes so far in lectures, i'm surely to get many hard-boiled eggs (0o0o) in my results!!! i just had the dna recombinant technology test, and honestly, it was pretty straight forward... but as usual, i didn't study the important stuff and so the whole piece of question sheet was filled with guesses and crap info. i'll be having my lab written test later... and we do not have any references to study... the manual is way too brief to answer any questions unless the lecturer asks us to write out the experimental method... then there'll be a biochemistry analysis test next friday and the proteins and enzymes test the following week!!! really need to buck up for that...

so lately, what have i been doing? i managed to secure 2 appointments from the marketing calls i did for my aiesec exchange team. however, we had to give up the 1st appointment to another team because none of us (actually those who actually care to do marketing calls) could make it (the sleeping members didn't even reply to our plee for help...). i went for the 2nd appointment with terence. it was at plaza mont kiara. i don't know why i got tongue tied there and now, everytime i call the hr manager, i'm struggling for my words... but anyway, the outcome of that case is still unknown (although i think it's already a "no", since i called him the other day and he said his boss is very busy and he'll get back to me if there's a need to).

now i still have about 10 companies to call... i stopped calling after i secured 2 appointments from the 1st 11 companies i called. i feel very burdened by this task because not everyone is doing it... and so if i finish my list now, they'll probably heap more contacts on me to call... that's what i think will happen... it still really puzzles me how some people can get away with doing nothing (and i really mean DOING NOTHING... not even answering sms messages!) or pretending to appear busy!!! again, the answer to this dilemma is (as countless times i've said on this blog), life's like that... the watchers disguising to be workers!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bliss is short-lived and Worries abound!

today's my 3rd day back in uni. i've had alot of running around, waiting and worrying to do. and also turns out my timetable isn't that perfect after all... i had to make some changes... but i was lucky to get what i wanted although i had to drop some other subjects and as a result i can only take 18 credit hours. since there's no 1 credit hour paper and also the application date for extra credit hours has expired, i can't do anything about that... i think i'll just have to console myself with the fact that i've to take at least 20 credit hours for the next 3 semesters...

Saturday, July 08, 2006


went to BY house yesterday morning and we tried to watch moonchild on her laptop and it just couldn't play the vcds! she had watched it before on her laptop but suddenly the windows media player wouldn't play the file and at times did not even register a disk in the drive!!! i think computers are in fact allergic to me... i'm not so allergic to computers nowadays but the reverse situation seem to be happening often... i had a hard time trying to burn some discs a couple of days ago too... ended up burning the discs using both my laptop and the old almost dead desktop... for some reason (i think it's the spyware), the internet explorer window kept popping up when there was no adsl modem or telephone cable plugged into the desktop... but in the end the desktop ended up having a higher yield of burnt discs than my laptop...

i just tried out some questionnaire chinese horoscope thingy on my friendster bulletin board and the results were so funny (and not freakishly true as the header suggested)... it's those kind of stuff where you create a list and then fill in certain details at the different numerals of the list... i nearly choked when they interpreted the answers... it was really nonsense well except for one part about the person who knows me the most (or was it the other way around)... it seems my lucky number is 3... and the song put your records on best describes me... and my outlook on life is like the song it's all for you ... i don't think it applies with me!

i'm now in a frenzy with watching my name is kim sam soon on but the problem is that the videos can't fully load up no matter if i tried to refresh the page or view it on another day... i wonder why? my comp? or uploading problems... anyway, i think i found another alternative... but it's rather troublesome and the wait is longer but there are subtitles and clearer images... however i think i need to clear my hard drive soon... my comp is starting to slow down... started by burning out all the aiesec and uni stuff and deleting most of them. next will be burning out all the camera pictures and video recordings of zacko the wacko blackie dog... there's really too much stuff of him on my comp... i think he's had more photos taken than even my late dolly girl... but that's probably because we did not have the recording gadgets we have today... taking pictures back then was done by film and the canon slr camera is just a tad too bulky to be brought discretely to places.

BY and i went to SY home to help her paint the props for aiesec upm's miracle global village. then SY lent us some korean and japanese drama series... she really has a good collection and they're all original too!!! i don't know how i'm going to adapt back to uni life with all these new addictions resurfacing!!! hahaha... hopefully i'll get to improve my japanese from the drama...

Monday, July 03, 2006

In this unfair world...

animals are not humans and humans are not animals. one isn't the other and vice versa. however animals still are living things and no matter what you may argue, they are apart of a God's creation. and we as Man, as thinking and of higher intelligence beings, should not stoop so low as to bully and deprive these defenceless creatures! we are always spouting and fighting for human rights but what about these creatures who don't have the ability to communicate legibly with us to claim their rights? unlike us, they can't be educated about their rights and even if we tried, they wouldn't be able to comprehend what we were trying to tell them. so by right, it is our responsibility to care of them and ensure their well being (although you may not be an animal lover).

why should we do this? each and every one of us (be they animal, plant or human) are apart of earth's ecosystem and a degradation in a particular sector would mean the fragile equilibrium of our ecosystem would be altered. hence causing many violent and sudden changes in climate and patterns of natural disasters. the predictable will become unpredictable. the unexpected will happen.

furthermore, the extinction of a species would mean the variability of earth's gene pool would significantly decrease. what does that have to do with us? with all the domestication and commercialism in the farming industry, without the wild genes from uncultivated wild plants/animals, our sources of food wouldn't be able to fend for themselves when an ecological change happens. that would snowball into famine and eventual extinction of humankind.

is this what we really want? even with a step-up in educating the people around the world about this issue, the problem still persists. why? man is still man. with our indestructible ego and self-centered quality inborn in us. although not all man are as said above, however the majority are. why do we always have to learn things the hard way?

veering away from the above topic, it's such a horrible thing to witness people polluting our land and acting cruelly to animals. i can't believe open burning is still actually illegally practiced here. my own neighbours do it... do they think it's still some kampung area where they can burn their rubbish in front of their gates and leave it to itself? what is so wrong about letting the garbage collector collect your rubbish? is there some incriminating evidence that they're trying to hide from the public? i don't think that's likely. they probably think they're helping the government to get rid of rubbish or probably they're pyromaniacs! i was sickened to see 2 different open burning sites on the way back from singapore to kl. as if our weather is not hot and hazy enough, these people who live in the countryside must add to our dilemma.

another issue is the deliberate act of cruelty to animals. it's so sickening to see your own neighbours beating dogs with sticks whenever the poor creatures crosses in front of their house gate. also, kids shouting insults and obscenities at other people's pets (within the owner's compound) is becoming a norm. what kind of parents raised these kids? just because you can't touch (or bond with) these animals doesn't mean they are filthy and deserve death. there shouldn't be a class segregation/double standard between cats and dogs.

with the recent news of the dog catchers shooting half of the 2 dozen or so dogs that a man kept in his house is just disgusting! yes, the man was in the wrong but was killing 11 dogs the solution? a more humane action could have been carried out in place of those canine murders, such as getting the spca or paws to take the dogs away to a shelter or giving the man a fine or something heavier. but killing the innocent dogs who don't know that they are in fact illegal or even understand the concept of law and rules is the easy and cowardice way out of the matter. both parties are in the wrong but the severity of the wrongdoing of the authorities outweighs that of the dogs' owner! how could they make such a rash move? did not they think of the repercussions that would occur? i.e. severely hurting a man emotionally (since all the dogs were his pets... and all animal lovers will be able to identify with pets being part of one's family), exposing the fact that they still think like barbarians and also staining their image with acts of animal cruelty (which is a big NO NO if they want to appear favourable in the eyes of the public)
in desperation the man tried to save the rest of his dogs by rushing them away in his car and in the process accidentally knocking the authorities' vehicle. now they are trying to use that as an excuse to cover their asses. do they think that their wrongdoings can be neutralised by charging the man for that accident? well, this can only happen in our unfair world that we live in!

just a thought: would the same punishments be implemented if the case above had involved cats (instead of dogs)?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A makeover all of a sudden!

mum and i were looking for a present in midvalley megamall yesterday and since the gift was rm170, we could have a makeover and photo taken! so mum forced me to do it! i was so malu-fied because the makeup (by givenchy), hair dressing (by loreal and some hair dressing shop) and photo taking booth was in the concorse area where there was high traffic of people! so basically everyone gawked at those doing the makeover!!! i was so embarrased!!! especially when taking the photos!!!

the photos turned out ok... but personally i think it makes me look very chinese-ey (lala, ah lian etc.... hope you get what i mean!) i think it's the eye makeup (which was very light and pinkish highlights at the edge of my eyes) and the hairstyle (half head curls with fringe pulled back) ... but anyway, now mum can't bug me too much anymore... although she's already planning a 2nd one with straight hair this time!!

i think i won't upload the photos here... i'll only show it to close friends!! ;-P

Friday, June 30, 2006

5 hours in a noisy bus and a mind-boggling japanese class!

we left singapore at 11.30a.m. on thursday and had a 5-hour bus ride with a whole bunch of noisy "american" indians!!! luckily i had my headphones with me, and since its really ear buds it served as a pair of effective ear plugs for me... so i wasn't really bothered about the nooise. however, it was such a relieve to realise we were getting closer to home. i'd watch out for the sign boards and seeing kuala lumpur 86km (not sure if the numbers are right) in white big letters on a green board made me happy! although i must say that the difference between singapore and malaysia is big... especially when we crossed the international border, the toilets in johor were horrible! i can't imagine what the tourists would think... but then again that was johor (and some outskirt-ish place)... i'm pretty sure the toilets in kuala lumpur are much more acceptable. anyway, it's so nice to be back here where you don't need to think twice or mentally convert into RM whatever you wish to purchase.

when we reached our destination, it was 4.30p.m. sharp! i really am impressed with the punctuality of the bus (since it's a well known fact that malaysians are ALWAYS late!!!). anyway, ah yee's driver was there waiting for us and i had barely placed our bags down after collecting it from under the bus when he swiped them up! i was actually in a daze... and slightly confused!!! hahaha... jakun!

mum came at about 5.20p.m. and we rushed off for my japanese class... and since BY was planning to change classes today, i followed her to the jskl av room... and also ended up changing class to class A. this class had tables but no piano and they learnt at a fast pace... i'm still quite blur about the things we learnt. we learnt numbers and days of the week and some simple conversations. and also played a game where we would pass the baton to another person while saying the days in japanese. this class is quite fun because the people are more noisy/energetic and probably also because they were mostly working people. although the other class had very cute (as in character) instructers but the participants of the class was mainly made out of housewives and students (who i think are younger than us).

i hope i'll learn more in this new class and most importantly be able to follow what's going on in class!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last night in the lion city

today we went on a cruise and landed on kusu island. took some photos. getting to harbour front was abit tricky at first. but we managed to reach there just in time. the cruise was ok

went for our last shopping in orchard road... bought a guess bag for mum, some wasabi nuts for papa but couldn't find the dvd LK wanted (rush 30th anniversary). we went to borders and that cd shop but couldn't find it... and it was already 10p.m. something.

i really wanted to see books kinokuniya but unfortunately i didn't get to enter that shop! speaking about that, i don't know what happened to the japanese book details that i keyed into my phone for papa... i think i accidentally erased it! so dumb of me!

ok i think i had better sleep now... i need to wake up early for the preparation to go home!

this here is a nice lantern fish in front of a vietnamese restaurant in wisma atria (nice looking place!)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Post from Singapore

i'm here in singapore! staying at relc international hotel on orange grove road. the room's a good bargain although it's not the conventional hotel. why? because it's actually a language centre and also houses a church and other companies/ngo. there were ielts exams going on on our floor when we arrived. there's a tour trolley bus which acts as a complimentary one way shuttle service... very ancient but efficient! hahaha

we've walked much of orchard road... the atria, far east plaza, lucky plaza, tangs, takashimaya(ngee ann city), paragon, wheelock place... and also marina square, suntec city mall (i like this place best), citylink mall. so far i've bought a white pvc bag, an mng shirt and a pair of lavender adidas sneakers.

we walk to and from orchard road, which takes about 7 minutes one way. and now, my legs are killing me after a whole day of walking and standing around. we got abit lost in suntec city mall today. but can't really blame us because the shops in all the malls are about the same although the malls might be next to each other!

ok i think that's all for now. i'm using the free wireless service now but it's getting late and i have to sleep. i will try to post more after the trip!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


oh no! i've just found the joy of! yes, i know i'm a little behind in the latest trends and stuff... but i didn't want to try it out before this because i thought there were some unappropriate stuff there and i'd get addicted... well, now i'm addicted, but to korean dramas! some people actually uploaded the full episodes of the dramas... but not all the episodes though...

i just printed out some singapore maps... and got electrocuted (mildly) by the usb cable... because the power was still on although the printer was switched off... still can feel the tinggly sensation at my finger tips! this is the second time i've been electrocuted while using the printer! the first time, i think one of the printer cables was not grounded properly and the metal casing of my laptop conducted the electricity... as a result when i touched my laptop, i got electrocuted! i don't know whether this is a normal thing or something that is actually dangerous...

anyway, i'm waiting for the 1st episode of snow white (K-drama) to load... watched the first 3 episodes of another drama called 1% of something. i hope i'll be able to watch the rest someday... coz the other episodes are not on youtube. ok, that's all for now... hope i'll be able to post from singapore...

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'll be in Singapore in 2 days time!

ah yee and i are going to singapore for 4 days 3 nights. we're leaving at 7.30a.m. on monday and leaving singapore on thursday at 11.30a.m. i had to find a hotel for us... and honestly, now that i've reevaluated my choice, i think i made a mistake... but it's too late to make ammends because the booking has been done and ah yee's credit card is in stake... so i guess we'll just have to carry on with the idea. the reason i think it's a mistake is because the hotel is quite far from orchard road... but the consolation is that it looks quite ok from the pictures and had recently been renovated... and also it has wireless internet access in the room. so i think i will bring my laptop there... if my parents think it's a good idea.

i still haven't converted my currency... somehow, nowadays packing and preparing don't seem to be a worry for me anymore... it's the people around me that get into such a fuss over it! funny! but it's because they care... and that's a good thing!

i just finished watching the korean drama Goong that ML lent me... it's nice! although episode 23 is missing!!! that's the 2nd last episode and it's kind of frustrating to not know the connection between the climax and the ending! but for now, imagination will have to suffice... i think i'll get a copy of this drama and try to find the 23rd episode somehow... i noticed i'm kind of obsessive when it comes to completing/collecting things. bad habit! it's been so with collecting books by roald dahl, l.m.montgomery, jane austen (movie versions too), cynthia voigt and also collecting stationaries and how can i forget the mcdonald's sesame street plushies! and in a way, i was a little obsessive about the sony ericsson w800i when it came out and the next thing i knew, i had won it!!! weird! got to shed that!!! that was abit freaky!

oh anyway, now i'm addicted to listening to i've got you by mcfly and jack johnson songs and also the theme song for sue thomas: F.B.Eye which is That's Who I Am by jessica andrews and it's all for you by sister hazel. i don't know why but some songs just stick in my head... and other people don't think much about these songs! i think it's some magic chord sequence that just clicks with some part of my brain that's connected with affinity!

i've been trying to learn how to write hiragana and after about 2 days of practising (not continuously of course) i can say that i can remember quite well the characters from a i u e o till ta chi tsu te to and the rest of the characters i only can remember when there's some sort of prompting... what can i say? i'm a slow learner when it comes to language... i think that's the case for me when it involves studying using a book. i feel that i learn better when the learning process involves working with my hands and room for trial and error... for example art and crafts, fixing mechanical stuff, fixing broken links on (other people's) websites, figuring out how an object is made by looking at it... which reminds me that my goal to learn flash on my own has totally gone down the drain... i think i should just uninstall that on my laptop and free up space for other stuff... or maybe i should try to get a book first... that doesn't seem promising though! hahaha

hmm... seem to be in a good mood today... :-)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Major: Biochem; Registration: Successful

as the header says... thank the Lord!!! i got biochem!!! i thought my results was goin to get me into trouble... but looks like it wasn't as bad as i thought it was!!! taking the pengantar falsafah alam sekitar course was a bad idea (got a C+ for that 3 credit hour paper!!! imagine the effect it had on my cgpa!!!) and although i thought my geology finals was a scorer, turns out my continuous assessment tests pulled me down badly (got a B+ in the finals as the effect of neutralising the previous B- and C- attained in the countinuous assessment tests)... so my cgpa was barely 3.5, a very dangerous position to be in, as you're not safe and also not a gone case... somewhat like sitting on the fence. but thank God everything turned out ok!

i just finished registering my courses online (at about 9.20a.m.)... as usual, it was so hectic! tried to wake up at 7.30a.m. but could only crawl out of bed at 8a.m. (no help from zack who was muzzling me to sayang him... manja dog to the maximum!) after taking a bath and all, i waited (while chatting) online for about half an hour to enter the registration website at 9.00a.m. sharp! at first the loading was so slow... but it got better later on... too many people on the server i guess... PRAISE THE LORD again as i was able to register for everything i planned for and also that my streamyx did not play me out!!! i half expected to fail to register for some subjects... because it's a horrible system the science faculty has... everyone registers online at the same time and it's more like playing a game than registering for courses that would determine our future! and again i had to help my friend register... however, she asked me a little late and some of the courses was already full!! and that was at about 9.30a.m.!!!

anyway, i feel very satisfied now!!! let me try to recap my feelings from the last 2 semesters.
semester 1: at first, i felt satisfied, then when i found out i missed out a course i was abit sad...
semester 2: again i was satisfied at first because i managed to get the important bio subjects and the right timing but i wasn't so happy about not getting a 3 credit hour "luar jabatan course"
semester 3: i feel satisfied because i got what i planned... maxed up my 19 credit hours... biochem subjects, elective course and a "luar jabatan" course... now i'll just have to worry whether i can handle all this!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

The many names of zack the dog

  1. zack (of course)
  2. baby
  3. boy
  4. ah boy
  5. ahmad zakaria
  6. wong ahn jing
  7. asssss hole
  8. crazy nut ass
  9. zacko
  10. jacko
  11. jack
  12. ugly mutt ass
  13. the shadow
  14. blackie boy
  15. dobieman pinscher
  16. smelly boy
  17. chicken
  18. greedy fart
  19. chocolate
  20. balls
  21. chicken rice
  22. ignorant dog
  23. pat kua
  24. uncle
  25. ah mutt
  26. pig
  27. sausage on toothpicks
  28. naughty dog
  29. miouchess
  30. miow miow
  31. mau mau
  32. muttchy
  33. mutt-en
  34. mutton pie
  35. mechanical dog

with all this name-calling... no wonder he's so confused!!! hahaha

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Forwarded e-mail... amusing!

The following concerns a question in a physics degree exam at the Universityof Copenhagen.

"Describe how to determine the height of a skyscraper with a barometer."

One student replied: "You tie a long piece of string to the neck of the barometer, then lower thebarometer from the roof of the skyscraper to the ground. The length of thestring plus the length of the barometer will equal the height of thebuilding."

This highly original answer so incensed the examiner that the student wasfailed. The student appealed on the grounds that his answer was indisputably correct, and the university appointed an independent arbiter to decide thecase. The arbiter judged that the answer was indeed correct, but did theproblem it was decided to call the student in and allow him six minutes inwhich to provide a verbal answer which showed at least a minimal familiaritywith the basic principles of physics.

For five minutes the student sat in silence, forehead creased in thought.The arbiter reminded him that time was running out, to which the studentreplied that he had several extremely relevant answers, but couldn't make uphis mind which to use. On being advised to hurry up the student replied as follows:

"Firstly, you could take the barometer up to the roof of the skyscraper,drop it over the edge, and measure the time it takes to reach the ground.The height of the building can then be worked out from the formula H = 0.5gx t squared. But bad luck on the barometer."

"Or if the sun is shining you could measure the height of the barometer,then set it on end and measure the length of its shadow. Then you measurethe length of the skyscraper's shadow, and thereafter it is a simple matterof proportional arithmetic to work out the height of the skyscraper."

"But if you wanted to be highly scientific about it, you could tie a shortpiece of string to the barometer and swing it like a pendulum, first atground level and then on the roof of the skyscraper. The height is workedout by the difference in the gravitational restoring force T = 2 pi sqroot(l / g)."

"Or if the skyscraper has an outside emergency staircase, it would be easierto walk up it and mark off the height of the skyscraper in barometerlengths, then add them up."

"If you merely wanted to be boring and orthodox about it, of course, youcould use the barometer to measure the air pressure on the roof of theskyscraper and on the ground, and convert the difference in millibars intofeet to give the height of the building."

"But since we are constantly being exhorted to exercise independence of mindand apply scientific methods, undoubtedly the best way would be to knock onthe janitor's door and say to him 'If you would like a nice new barometer, Iwill give you this one if you tell me the height of this skyscraper'."

The student was Niels Bohr, the only person from Denmark to win the Nobel prize for Physics.

Which are YOU?

i read this in a christian daily digest email:

"There are two kinds of people on earth today;
Just two kinds of people, no more, I say.

Not the sinner and saint, for it's well understood,
That the good are half-bad and the bad half-good.

Not the rich and the poor, for to rate a man's wealth,
You must first know the state of his conscience and health.

Not the humble and proud, for in life's little span,
Who puts on vain airs, is not counted a man.

Not the happy and sad, for the swift flying years
Bring each man his laughter and each man his tears.

No, the two kinds of people on earth I mean,
Are the people who lift, and the people who lean.

Wherever you go, you will find the earth's masses,
Are always divided in just these two classes.

And oddly enough, you will find too, I ween,
There's only one lifter to twenty who lean.

In which class are you? Are you easing the load,
Of overtaxed lifters, who toil down the road?
Or are you a leaner, who lets others share
Your portion of labor, and worry and care?"

so which are you? which am i? i think i'm a lifter but not a leader... in other words, i think i'm the backstage person in most situations... i just can't understand some people (the leaners)... i've met many of this species in my past few projects... saddening... but well, that's life... the lifters and the leaners... like yin and yang? the element that makes us Man... imperfection!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's really laziness!

so many things to post here but never seem to get down to typing a post... really, it plain laziness!!! i'm practically picking grapes (menganggur) now and still... can't find the time to type a short post... maybe i should develop that habit of typing short posts every 2 hours or so... the kinds that many people do... instead of the really long draggy posts that i've come accustomed to compose... anyway, this whole paragraph is a common idea in most of my posts (as anyone who actually reads this blog will know...)

random thought... (inspired by channel surfing for 1/2 second)... i really don't know what's the hype with james blunt... some of my acquaintances practically worships him and cries whenever she hears one of his songs (which i forgot the title... and don't really care!)... ok, i'll give it to him that "you're beautiful" is quite a nice song... but besides that, i (note: I and not anyone else) think his voice sounds a tad weird... maybe i'm just being paranoid but he sounds like he just inhaled a small dose of helium gas! (well, that's my opinion so no offence to any fans out there...) i guess i still like guys to sound like guys...

now, to the main event that's happened to me... lcpm was from friday till sunday... we didn't have a venue for the camp and at the last resort, we gathered in a fellow aiesecer's rented house in section 17, pj. the house was ok for its age (which is probably more than 35 yrs)... about 3/5 of the management team was in attendence... and we had discussions and presentations and planning... the not so fun stuff... i really couldn't sleep in the hall... kept waking up ever so often... probably because of the hard floor, too many people around me, and people going in and out (to watch the world cup)... so i managed to wheedle my way out of attending sunday's session

one shocking encounter i had during the camp was when some of last term's management team (among others) came to visit us on saturday night... and someone grabbed me and hugged me like a long lost friend!!! while other times i'm invisible to her (it's more like she'll acknowledge me when she wants to and i don't acknowledge her at any time...)

the result of lcpm is that i'm in the same group with the people i've previously found hard to work with!!! what are the odds??? and also they separated YC, ML and me!!! i know that was probably done by the lcp... always picking on us (probably to make us open up?) well, my group is called jingle jungle... and our first task is to do external scanning on 50 companies by the 18th of june... i just finished that!!!! phew...

today (or rather yesterday..) i slept at 7.14 a.m. after working with the beat up old desktop in the store room... trying so hard to get some stuff and since i didn't know the name i had to do so much extra work and the painfully slow processing rate of the pc made it nearly impossible to work with without getting a high blood pressure!!! in the end, i ended up with quite a number of stuff and was quite satisfied... it's so difficult to speak in codes!!! i can't imagine the turmoil of ideas the reader of this post would probably be facing now... anyway, dismiss that...

oh yea... last wednesday, zack fell through the gap between the stair steps (from 1 storey high!!!)... we were watching tv and mum was upstairs so he decided to follow her... and while he was coming down the 3rd step from the highest... he somehow slipped through the gap and tried holding on the step with his front paws... but before i could rush up or rush to catch him, he fell with a solid plop!!! on to the floor... at first we thought that was it... but then he looked up and i called "come here zack..." and he limped to me... and to calm him down, i started to stroke him and tell him "it's ok... it's ok, boy... good boy..." gave him a few kisses and he actually started to cry-howl!!! i think he was shocked out of his mind!!! i tried checking whether he had anything broken... ribs, legs etc. but he didn't scream while i examined him... then after a few minutes, he started acting normally and could even jump up the chair!!! that is one lucky mutt!!! stupid fella is now running about like he never learnt a lesson from the incident!

the next day was the last activity for yv... we went to the beryl's chocolate factory in seri kembangan... lots of chocolates to sample but the tour around the factory was so short and had nothing special. BY and YC came too... so after the tour, we met up with ML's twin, KL and we went to UPM where the miracle youth camp was being held at. met SY there... and they were preparing the evening tea for the delegates. then we went to see the horses in the UPM equin centre and patted burn and black... took some pictures! they're (the horses) really huge!!! we went for lunch after that... we wanted to eat soup with rice in usj18 but the store wasn't open... so sad...

since we had a few hours before our japanese class, we went to ML's house... it was like going to genting! the road was windy and situated next to a ravine!!! her puppy was so mischevious looking (and was mischevious herself as we found our shoes strewn around the garden later on) and the older dog was like fergie (cousin's friendly dead dog)... so cute! we tried to sleep but kept waking up...

japanese class was fun and a little confusing... i need to do some self studying... that's it really...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

YV06 stands for Young Visionaries 2006!!!

today was the closing ceremony for YV06... it was held in the afternoon in a&w taman jaya thanks to a generous sponsorship by one of our OC's uncle!!! at first, i thought it would have to be a very shabby event with 'half-past-six' finger food made by us OCs in a park somewhere ala picnic style... but instead we had the 'wonderful' a&w bear (who went straight to the leng lui OCs when it arrived before greeting the kids!!! naughty naughty mr. bear!!!) anyway, we had lots of leftover chicken and rootbeer which the homes took back for dinner/supper... we could see the kids were happy... lots of laughter and smiles... i really hope they enjoyed our company throughout the 2 months although the promised trainees did not turn up (instead they had us OCs and volunteer trainees from other projects... imane and pileh *spelling???*)

i was so horrible today, i came late for the party... couldn't help it though... mum, LK and i went for lunch in italiannies at the curve and finding a parking space took soooooo long... and then eating our lunch took quite long too because the chicken we ordered (which is their speciality) had some weird taste (vinegar, paprika, pickled chillies among others) and we had to force ourselves to eat it... the carbonara was yummy (as usual) and the pizza was quite good... anyway, i came 15 minutes late to the party... but luckily there wasn't much for us OCs to prepare... BY came later too... and when we were about to go back, she couldn't find her car... which turned out to be parked further up the road... one thing i must mention about the event is that some people who usually just ignore ML and my existence suddenly talked to us in a 'i've known you for ages' attitude... now doesn't that just speak for itself what kind of people they are!

ok, let's back track to last week's YV06 activity... it was the clown show i asked from allan... which, if i might mention here, i had to postpone 3 times!!! felt so bad for bothering him so many times... and as everyone knows, this kind of things (inefficiency...) won't be kept hushed but spreads all over the family... i hope i'm safe... but nevermind about that... the event was a success!!! johnny the clown was great... the kids responded wonderfully!!! and luckily i went ahead and packed the 5 goodie bags (because i volunteered to get the prizes for the games and after i'd bought all the stuff, i found out that they wanted to use some donated old soft toys for prizes... i was so pissed!!! there's a bl***y serious lack of communication among us... SERIOUSLY!!! everyone just does whatever she/he feels and then inform the rest much later...) but anyway, the clown did some fake magic show which the kids kept on chanting "tipu!!! cheating!!!" but the bottom line is they were entertained! and the clown kept on picking on me (probably because he only knows my name among the OCs or maybe he was tipped off that i hate this kind of things! allan always does that to us cousins! hahaha)... so i was mama sue may for the day... all in all, i thought it was a successful day compared with the other weekend activities we had so far...

the previous week was the arts and craft week and well, to cut to the chase, i saw red many many times during the preparation and also during that week's sessions... all i can say is that it could have gone better if only they planned the sessions out like a kindergarten's art and craft class... as a buffer, the sunday session at santa jerome was more fruitful although the materials were less fanciful than saturday at agathians... this time i (because we could see that some people had made up their minds to not help out much because their duty was due on saturday and not sunday) made sure that the kids weren't expected to run the whole show... seemed like i was the only one (besides help my ML and volunteer siew yong) cutting out shapes from coloured paper for the kids to paste on their thank you cards... i really thank God i'd worked in a kindergarten before and many years of preparing arts and craft materials for mum's classes!!! the results were much more organized and neater and less wastage... pity the girls didn't have the vibrantly coloured card sheets like the day before...

to list a few activities we had througout the duration of YV06... cooking and gardening (hahaha... decorating cupcakes were a hit, the rest... not so), salsa dancing (OCs had more fun... i had fun too... again victimized to dance with the instructor because i'm small sized... don't look so clumsy with the wrong steps ma...haha), talk on dental care and washing hands (ML was the hero for this activity!!! ML's mum amused the kids when she talked tamil to them!!! hahaha... i missed that though...)

that's about it... unless i missed something out... well, next week we'll be having our field trip to beryl's chocolate factory...

btw, i just took up a japanese class in jskl, saujana resort... i'm still blur with the 1st class...

Hajime mashite. Watashi wa Sue May desu. Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my last days in 12th college...

usually, people would be so glad when the semester ends and they can't wait to check out of hostel, but for us few girls, we spent our last few days in college... when others were shifting out, we were stocking up for our last 3 days...

YC, ML (and her twin KL) and I decided to brave out our last days in college... we had many activities lined up to pass our time there... these plans included swimming, watching korean drama n goin to petaling street! it was kind of fun but in a slow pace... and i did manage to do a little more of my scrapbook of my seatru volunteer experience... we watched the korean drama called 'my girl' which was quite funny... at first, when we tried playing it on my laptop, we could only see pictures so we had to go down to the cafeteria to download some software off the internet... and finding the wireless signal was the funniest thing! we were sitting in the cafeteria and there wasn't any signal, so we finished our tau foo fa with tong yuen (which we bought in the chow yang pasar malam... then we went out to the foyer because i remembered someone saying that you have to face the lake to get the wireless signal... and we sat at the lake's edge and we did get a shakey connection... but it disappeared after awhile so we tried walking around and ended up sitting in the middle of the five-foot way where we got a strong signal till my laptop ran out of battery... so weird! so we managed to watch 13 out of the 16 episodes by staying up till 4 am... mainly me and YC...

and then came the part where we had to clear out our room... was pretty sad, or maybe it was just my mind being stereotype... where parting with something brings sadness... anyway, i didn't have anything much to pack... on the contrary, my roomate had so much notes to stash away and so i helped her keep it under the bed (and when next semester starts, she'll have to collect back the notes from the room's new inhabitants...)... creative way of stashing away notes!!!

i think i won't be seeing the inside of a KK12 room ever again... as i didn't apply to stay there next sem... for me, it was fun having a room in KK12 but i must be practical and think about the financial situation i'm in... it's not that i can't afford it but it would be more of a waste of money because i go home almost everyday and only use the room between classes... so next semester i'll be roomless and the library shall be my second home... hahaha... perhaps i'll meet some people in the same situation there or maybe even become more hardworking and studious!!! but it's a universal fact that that's just wishful thinking!!! hahaha... i'm a "last minute works magic" girl... although the magic doesn't come every time!!! hahaha

so, i'm beginning to deviate from the topic here... and to be honest, i've been writing this post for almost a month!!! technically, today is june 4th but since i started this on may 8th, i'll just stick to that... ok, time to write the next post (as 'ganti balik' for my absence from this blog...)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

The audacity of some people!!!

so... i've discovered that the 'i'll do it tomorrow' thing really doesn't work! gosh, i'm a slacker! how can i make up for this?

so yesterday was my first day after the conclusion of my exam period... and i went with mum to kamdar kl, near jalan masjid india... n i bought a set of silver n glass beads bangles... they were abit too big for my wrist... but i liked them... n they costed rm18.90... then mum bought smaller multi-coloured bangles for her kindy kids to wear during concert... n they were rm1.00 per set!!! mum got me a set too! hahaha... it was so funny... 1st time buying n doing this sort of stuff!!!

after that we went to carrefour to get the YV stuff and ended up returning home at 10.30p.m. and only slept at 4a.m. after making the icing for the orphanage kids to decorate the cupcakes... so much hard work... but seems like i'm the only one doing the hard work... in the morning, i was the first one to arrive at our waiting place in um... why is it always like that? people waltzing in at any time they please... it is utterly unprofessional... and to lay claim that our organization has a level of professionalism is total bullshit! another thorn in my foot is the fact that i bloody well had to sacrifice my sleep for the preparations when other people could go clubbing till 4a.m. and others still, who forgot to buy some stuff... is this team work? if it is so, then i'd rather work individually and claim all the credit for myself... it is really amusing to watch some people conciously becoming decoration yet appear to be doing a great deal of work... i would say that it is an acquired art (or rather craftiness?)

but well, enough of that... i think someone is harbouring some grudge against me... i'm not sure though... is being purposefully ignored/left out of plans a sign of a run in the fabric of 'friendship'? or perhaps the 'friendship' itself was never a friendship but rather a mutualism relationship where we bear with each other to a certain level? maybe i've got to stop thinking about it too much... not let the nitty gritty things get to me... sometimes it's so hard to look the other way and be gracious when u know that someone is just being nice to you because there is a motive behind that person... but harbouring ill-feelings will lead to bitterness and a bitter person isn't what i want to be at this age...

so the kids loved the decorating cupcake session although it was abit messy, and we managed to end early... the gardening part was abit redundant because the seeds they bought was so few that it looked so miserable... and the 'syiok sendiri' attitude of @ers can get pretty annoying at times... i'l leave it at that...

luckily we ended early and then i went to mum's hairstylist and waited so long... and then we went to 1u because i had to get a present for nadia... manage to get her some red earth stuff and i also got some for myself... nice! then i went to her party and the only people i knew besides nadia was rebecca and her bf... and later kam came with his wacky sister... and that's all! my old friends circle is thinning... but it's also due to the other members being in different parts of the world! so i look forward to the time when all of us can be reunited!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Done and over with it!

i can't count how many times i've mentally dictated out posts since my last one... someone should invent a thoughts converter that stores the info into a pendrive or something... that would make blogging so easy!!! especially for scatterbrains like me...

so i just finished my last paper for my 2nd semester finals... it was geology... which i was really nervous about... but praise God!!! what i chose to emphasize to study on the night before came out in the questions!!! although it's confirmed that i missed out a few points/facts here and there but i feel really relieved that i practically wrote and wrote non-stop for about 2 hours!!! although what i wrote might have been bullshit... the feeling of accomplishment (probably of being able to write for that long a time) is still there... however, the other papers were kind of disappointing... not because of the questionns but rather because i didn't study hard enough... somehow, this time around it's even harder to get myself to really sit down n study... i don't know why that is so... other people have been mugging since a month before the exams... could it be something that's got to do with uni life? or my character slipping into 'useless bum' mode...

i'm listening to pink floyd's 'the dark side of the moon' under LK's recommendation and listening to it and trying to type this is making me go nuts!!! tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock...

went out to midvalley with BY today... we really hung out... had choc frapp in starbucks, lunch in mcD, went to buy my bluetooth usb adapter... tried to find kamdar but turns out it's closed down... speaking of the bluetooth thing... i don't know what's wrong with the thing... i managed to transfer 4 pictures and the thing stopped functioning... i think it might be my phone too... stupid lousy crap (the bluetooth adapter i mean... i love my phone!!!)... we took a cab from um and also back to um... as a whole, i did alot of walking today... coz we went to linguistic faculty today (and the indian lady was quite unforthcoming...) and then back to college and then to the tnb power station and then in midvalley and then in pyramid (with mum)...

last saturday, i went to see the click five with LK in the quicksilver revolution tour at sunway lagoon... getting the tickets was a headache... i registered my hotlink sim card for it but until today they haven't sent me any reply... and in the end sunway pyramid was giving them out for free with any purchase made... so we had a drink at starbucks and claimed 2 tickets on friday... and turns out that LK's friend who's interning in astro was giving out the tickets to the la bodega waiters!!! talk about untapped resources!!! dunggu la... anyway, we went at about 9.00p.m. and we just about in time for their performances (after walking a great deal around the sunway area - hotel, mall, hospital and theme park!) and turns out it was near the artificial beach... people were playing in the water in bikinis and such... and also the crowd was made out of young screaming teenagers and also parents who were chaperoning their kids... felt abit out of place... the band itself was ok... not spectacular (probably due to the crappy sound system... which was even softer than our church's easter presentation!!!)... the lead singer was abit pitchy here and there... truely, the only way to know whether a band is skillfully good is to listen/see them live in concert!!! but anyway, their songs are still very catchy to hear... i think if my friends knew i went for the concert, they'd think i was nuts to go during exam period... but like i said earlier, i'm losing my momentum in the studying department (although, yesterday i found reading geology was very interesting... until the point where i started to panic because there was so much i hadn't covered...)

i've become addicted to 'grey's anatomy'... and i discovered that i have the feature songs of the first three episodes on my hardrive... purely by coincidence... the jem song came with my phone, the cadigans song was accidentally downloaded long ago and the lisa loeb song has been my ringtone for quite awhile... and also patrick dempsey is so charming!!! wait a minute... have i blogged about this before? something about in the past i thought he looked like sean penn but a younger version... but now, i think patrick dempsey looks charming and sean penn looks evil... hahaha

i'm sitting here trying to churn out past memories... but i'm having a mental block (now, how many times have i said that in previous posts? must be one of my most common phrases...)

oh, i went for the @lcum executive interview during my study break (which was about almost 3 weeks ago) and it was disastrous... i barged in twice... first i thought i was late and turns out someone was still being interviewed... and the second time when i thought i could go in but turns out the interviewers were having a discussion!!! and we had to do a few seconds of square dance before the interview... and i had problems answering some of the questions... i wasn't very serious because the interviewers were the aiesecers that i know... and they recorded our interview session... and i think they knew i didn't read the JD... but obviously i wasn't going to waste my studying time reading a complicated jd... well anyway, i just recieved news that i'm in the managerial team now... funny thing is that my enthusiasm has slowly but steadily ebbed away... but i think the best option for me is to just do it... sometimes a kick i the butt is all i need to do something useful and in the end i would enjoy it... is this the 'wong' family trait? seems quite repetative in my generation... hmm... genetical traits being expressed or human laziness?

ok i think this should be a long enough post as a replacement for my absence... but seriously, i don't think anyone actually reads this stuff... so no one's actually missing this crap! hahahha... perasan betul!!! it's sort of becoming a trend to be 'syiok sendiri' especially after entering aiesec... i hope i can be active in other societies starting from next semester onwards... namely pkv... suddenly, after last week's sunday message, i felt like i wanted to go for SCG (school of christian growth)... i need to read the bible more... i'll start tomorrow! (i know my fellow christian sisters will say 'start today, don't just say tomorrow...') ... but on a serious note, i think it's getting quite important for us, christians to know the words of the Bible in these times where our faith is constantly being attacked... hint: the news tells it all...

Friday, April 07, 2006

fast forward

so it's been about a month since my last post... since then, i've attended the aisesec ap nite... in melia hotel... 5 stars my arse, it is!?! ML lost her handphone that night... couldn't be aiesecers coz almost everyone has better phones than hers... so why steal it? anyway, we had to bring a mask, and i didn't even take mine out... hahaha... mine is the one i've had since like 10 years ago... from a cousin's party... and i wore my cny 1st day attire... and everyone else was wearing dresses... btw mine's a 2 piece... a canary yellow tube with white gypsy skirt with sequin motif at the waist band. overall, the nite didn't reach my expectation... they said there was a band, turns out there was only karaoke singing for entertainment... and the food was equivalent to chinese economy rice... i guess i'm too used to sheraton imperial and the likes... but from the promo mails, it really sounded great... ML and i didn't go for the after-party in an apartment in ampang... we went home... on the way home we made a wrong turn... hahaha... had to get directions from LK. luckily i've been to the place we "tersesat" before... so it wasn't so intimidating...

had my geology test this week... it was horrible... i think this time i'm really going to get a D... the last time, it turned out quite ok... a B-... but this time... i couldn't even think of what to write!!! so sad... anyway, there were some malay guys who brought in small notes... and they were sharing it between themselves by throwing it in the front... incredible... they're blatantly cheating... and they don't look like 1st years nor 2nd or even 3rd year students... probably failing every semester or something... and when i came out, my pink corsage on my backpack was gone... the geology department must be filled with thieves... ML droped a pencil there and it went M.I.A... Emily left her water bottle there and it also vanished... sometimes i can't believe uni students could act so... it's really saddening to find out day after day that education can't irradicate these kinds of primitive behaviours that brings them down to the levels of heathens... perhaps this is only the situation in local universities... but i doubt that...

yesterday i watched grey's anatomy on astro... and it is really good!!! i used to think patrick dempsey looked like sean penn.... but he is so much more charming... although not too good looking... hahaha... but yes, i plan to follow this series... i guess i can since i won't be staying in college from next semester onwards... speaking about next semester, i can't believe i'll be in 2nd year and i can't imagine what i'll be majoring then...

the latest thing in aiesec is the JE application. the JD looks so frightening and demanding... i don't know whether i should apply or not... the dateline for the online application is friday and dateline for hardcopy is saturday. we are having the opening ceremony of young visionaries on saturday... i foresee a very busy and complicated day ahead. i hope yv06 works out... at the rate its going, i can't even picture the light at the end of the tunnel... anyway, this is the website for our project:

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Exam, curls and a wedding

i just got back from my cousin's wedding in janda baik... nice holiday home... the wedding was different from the conventional chinese weddings... a little too simple and laid back, i would say... but maybe that's what they want...

had bio pop test in the morning... i had been busy all week and not much time was spent studying... plus i was so tired last night, i just couldn't read my notes... obviously i panicked in the morning! but the test seemed alright... 40 questions in 40 minutes...

since the test ended earlier than i expected (i.e. 1 hr 30 mins), mum picked me and we went to ss2 to do our hair. i decided to get temporary curls... didn't have any photos to show coz by the time i came back from lunch, they were half straightened... but i think they looked quite good... although they weren't in the style i wanted... i wanted curls like kate hudson had in raising helen... i think those are quite high maintainance... anyway, there was so much hair spray in my hair that i felt my head was heavier...

then we headed to tanarimba, janda baik... long journey... winding roads... expensive tolls... reached in time for the tea ceremony... it was not elaborate like other cousins' weddings in the past... it was simple and informal... the view from their house, enderong house, was nice... forests, artificial lake, red-breasted black bird which looked like swallows... insect orchestra...

then we walked down the hill to the lake for the wedding ceremony... it was a long and steep walk... walking in UM did not help prepare me for the task... anyway, the cousins were given the task to pop confetti cannons and bubble guns... and well, that didn't go too well for me... my bubble gun didn't work... how embarrasing!!!!! anyway, back to the ceremony... there was a pastor and we sang hyms and the pastor used their wedding invitation as an analogy and lots of flowery language were used... exchanging of vows was abit funny... LZ said 'yes' instead of 'i do'
... and when S was slotting the ring unto LZ's finger, it couldn't go in...

it was so hot, and we really had a sauna of a time under those white canopies... so we went back to enderong house to change into our dinner wear. i wore my new black dress with a silver sequin sash pinned with a black rose... my hair was a total metted up mess... mum was supposed to be at the registration table but we all came too late... anyway, us cousins had to do the confetti bomb again... and most of the confetti fell into some people's wine glasses!!! hahaha

the dinner was from tai thong... ok la... we sat at table 19 with LW, kevin, ai, her bro and father... ai and her bro are quite the lookers... if you get what i mean... the best man too (eurasian i think)... sounded alot like phillip but anyway... looks like all the lookers have targets or are being targeted... oh well... kekekeke

how nice it would be if one day i found out that someone really good looking, smart, caring etc. was to fall for me... but hahaha... there isn't any such perfect person on this earth ( seemingly on the exterior... but what lies underneath it all will only be revealed with time)... anyway, this is what all girls dream of i guess... so i don't think there is anything wrong in indulging in a little castle in the air musings...

well, anyway... what feelings have i brought home today... i feel that marriage may look like a simple arrangement that you can easily thrust away when you get tired of it... but in actual fact, it is a very important decision that you should make only once in a lifetime and with it carries a frightening uncertain future which can become a wonderful journey if you have the right person beside you... and that 21 or 22 years old is a very unripe age for marriage... you don't even LOOK responsible... so how can you BE responsible... it is the age where you're supposed to be testing the waters of adulthood... no strings attached... just finished the processes of growing up and allowed to enjoy a few years of freedom before being required to sober up and settle down... but then again, this may not apply to all... every case is different because the people involved are different and have different views... so anyway, all the best to all the couples out there and may all the decisions they make be the right ones for their situation in life...

what crap am i talking about here? *sighs and shakes head*

Friday, March 10, 2006

My latest craze...

i forgot to mention one important thing in my last post... my latest craze is Flash macromedia!!! i want to learn how to do flash!!! and for the moment, i'll try learning it on my own... hope that'll turn out good! if anyone out there can help me with this, i'd be so happy!!! i'm still learning from the help area of the program... and i've discovered there's alot of online tutorials available too!!! yahooo... i hope i'll be able to incorporate some flash into the YV power point presentation for the opening ceremony...

holiday mood again

it's been quite an eventful period from my last post, but as usual, i don't really have the mood to post anything now... perhaps it'll come when i get the ball rolling...

err... i guess not... started this post on the 11th and till now (later in feb), i'm still not done... hahaha... sometimes i feel i have to guard what i write here... coz you never know who might stumble across it and feelings might be hurt etc.

well, let me think... last week i was busy with the AIESEC branding campaign in UM... we were supposed to be tagging along with the WTTW people... and we were supposed to take turns (or better, be there) for the 4 days of the roadshow... but somehow, some people did not even come for a single session and others (especially my group) were kind of pressured and black-mailed to come... it really isn't fair!!! seems like the less you show face, the less work you'll be given and nobody would notice that you didn't do jack shit!!! but i can't do that... my principles just wouldn't allow it... feeling guilty of irresponsibility would do me more harm than good...

it's the 10th of march today... and i hope i can finish this post today... so i've been quite busy all this while and alot, and i really mean ALOT of things have happened in the past month... let me just start with the aiesec branding campaign in UM... i feel quite bad because my department (merchandising) didn't really have anything substantial to show... we didn't have any merchandise to sell!!! we had some sponsored coloured flyers from dominoes and printed mini organizer booklets (which was quite pathetic because it costed too much and had typo errors) and supposedly, stickers (which i only saw during our meeting but never saw during the campaign). well, perhaps it was my fault? couldn't get the companies to sponsor... not to mention our department had to do marketing calls on the week right before our campaign started... we were totally unprepared...

overall, i would say it was passable... not really what i expected... thinking back, i really don't know why i joined branding... and of all departments, merchandising... anyway, we went to linguistic fac, fpp, kps, 7th college, 9th college and 12th college... our main problem for the roadshows was that nobody (OCs) wanted to be at the booth... i commited myself to about 8 hours spread out among the 3 days... and i have a feeling some people weren't too happy about that... what about the other people who didn't come for the roadshows let alone our meetings??? and why the double standard treatment during the roadshows where only mei lin and i were kept being pressured to go around talking to people about aiesec while giving out the flyers? while the others (cronies i guess) could just hang around the booth and chat amongst themselves and just pass out flyers whithout uttering a single word?... lesson learnt is that you can get away with anything if ur a sweet talker and of course looks helps a great deal too...

well at least that's over... i don't need to hide from the cat anymore... it was getting really annoying... anyway, i went to career path 2006 in dtc, um last week and it was ok... probably would've been more interesting if we were looking for a job... there were booths by motorola, nestle, kassim chan delloite, lots of jobstreet-like booths and insurance agents etc... btw, career path (cp) was originally an aiesec project but when it got quite successful in previous years, UM decided to take over the project... so this years' cp was organised by UM...

i went for the window to the world fair today in dtc... and it was great!!! they had food stalls selling outback steakhouse burgers, kyrgiistan food, brazillian food, vietnamese food, thai food etc... and they had booths from many countries like turkey, bosnia-herzegovina (where we tried the extremely sweet baklava), germany, japan, korea, nepal, france (alliance francais), spain... and we practically saw the whole aiesec lcum there! and there was the aiesec mc there too... i just wonder how these people don't have classes back in their uni? some more engineering!!! anyway i liked wttw better than cp06... it was so funny, when we walked in, we knew all the people at the registration counter (from nlds) and we started hearing familiar voices ass the mc... it was rene (the dj) and mawar (the mc for the opening ceremony)!!!

ok it's 3a.m. i think i better go to sleep... have an appointment with the orphanage tomorrow morning for Young Visionaries stuff... i noticed this whole post is about aiesec stuff... weird!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

year of the dog

the reunion dinner was held at bangsar seafood garden restaurant which was quite ok... maybe because there wasn't any computers/ps2 around to make the kids anti-social... at least there were conversation goin around the kids... the grown-ups were as noisy as ever... food was ok... our table (our room had 3 tables... one for the women, another for the men and the last for the kids) had 11 people (somehow, chairs were dragged from other tables) but we had trouble finishing our food... seemed like only the young ladies (me and LY) were doing the eating!!! and there were so many guys around!!!

spent the rest of the night trying out qwyzzle... i got to level 28 with some help here and there... but i gave up at about 5 a.m. something...

wore my new white crinkle linen skirt with sequin motif on the waist band with a yellow tube and my new vincci heels and kipling bag... it was a really hot day!!! we didn't go for the visiting session at the doctors' house but went to another house in jalan travers where we had a roasted pig... sat there for so long while the adults talked on... at one point the cousins all dissappeared... i thought they had gone back home but apparently they were headed to a cyber cafe... then there was a phone call and all started to panic... there was an accident... LW's car had spun and landed on its side... one of our second cousin had a gash in his head and LW's shirt was soaked with his blood... other than that, everyone was fine... from what i gather, they went in 2 cars... LJ must've drove his dad's mercedes and LW was driving his vitara... don't really know the details... but thank God LK and i didn't follow them...

went back around 6 p.m. ... and we went for a drink at starbucks... i think we did that last year too... had mcD for dinner... had to go last minute shopping at giant wearing my new year clothes... so ambarrassing...

i'm into qwyzzle now... and i'm so happy i managed to solve level 28 tonight without seeing the spoilers... but now i'm stumped at level 32!!! i think i'll jusk take a peek at the spoilers!!! i really had troubles while playing not pron... gave up in the end...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The big 21?

i can't believe that this blog is more than a year old already... i can still remember typing out my "birthday" post a year ago... so how was my 21st birthday? pretty crappy to sum it all up (but of course excluding a very touching event on that day!)...

well it all started with sms birthday wishes from choon sin (the 1st), yen chyng, yan leng, bank islam (huh?!?), mei lin, some unknown chinese message which i presume to be a birthday greeting (hehehe), santhya, rebecca, nadia, nisha, evelyn toh, ah yee, goay imm, lion, sook yeng (the next day... ;-) )

i had 1 class and 2 tutorials that day... so firstly, i went for geology... and the air-cond triggered off my runny nose!!! and after that we went for lunch and my ailment got worse... looked crappy etc... some funny stuff happened (but i'm too lazy to elaborate at the moment)... then we went for our "pengantar alam sekitar" tutorial, and although we were early, some people were already writing out the assignment... we were to have an essay-test assignment which would account for 10 marks out of our finals... and we were too disorientated to start till the tutor came in... and she gave us the 2 topics to write about in BM (others had gotten the titles from their friend.... still can't believe the kiasu-ness of some people!)... and we were given an hour... in which i could not complete one of the essays!!! i was so unprepared for this kinda bullshit tutorial... she asked us to pass up before the promised hour was up!!! we (me, mei lin, li sum, junie, emily) were so dissapointed!!! so there goes 10 marks down the gutter!

LK phoned up to ask me whether i wanted to join his group for dinner and a movie but the problem was he couldn't fetch me because he had to fetch someone else... and so i turned it down and felt so crappy... my own brother not willing to fetch me on my birthday? well i guess that was to be expected (i know the reason and most mothers would know the reason too...) ... i know this is so stupid but i started crying ?!? i guess it was the runny nose and all the other sickness weakening my mind... anyway, i then read my notes to induce sleep (it really works... all the time... if you are an insomniac, you should totally try this!!! hahaha)

then at about 4.40 p.m. i went for my "history and philosophy of science" tutorial... and my runny nose was getting worse... the tutor seemed enthusiastic... he wants to have the tutorials every week... hope he's all that he seems to be... and after that i went back to college to wait for mum

i had to pass up an invitation for dinner at T.G.I.F with some aiesecers because i was really feeling crappy! but anyway, i think i would have felt a wee bit out there... so when mum came, i discovered i had a gift from evelyn and a card from ah yee... evelyn gave me a cute necklace and earring set in pearl and pink stone of the motive of a dog (mind boggling way of explanation...) and i then opened the card ah yee gave me... and there was a cheque for RM1000 in it!!! gosh i was so shock!!! i called ah yee to thank her and somehow (with all the shit i had to put up with the whole day) i started tearing... but of course i covered up by faking a blocked nose... somehow, i always feel emotional on my birthday (but not in company of anyone!)

what did i have for my birthday dinner? i ate chicken rice with "siew yoke" and abit of "bak kut teh"!!! hahaha.... simple but nice... mum said we'd go out for a better meal on saturday at lunch time... which is today!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

University has made me...

  1. learn to walk long distances
  2. unvoluntaily exercise everyday
  3. learn that you have to be alert (otherwise you'll loose out or get your name on the notice board!)
  4. learn that food in university sucks big time
  5. realise that walking into the 12th college cafe can immediately silence my hunger pangs
  6. realise that there is no such thing as inter-racial unity (all to their own kind)
  7. realise that the inability to speak chinese hampers your social life drastically
  8. learn that 'nasi goreng biasa' means 'sambal fried rice' (learned it the hard way)
  9. learn the various acronyms which we're supposed to know (PBSM, OCBC, JKP, JTK, SA, NA, SS, KPS, API, TNC HEP, SKR, SKET, MAP, DTC... the list goes on... and you'd laugh at the full version of some of these acronyms...)
  10. thinner (due to exercise and horrible food)
  11. discover people from different backgrounds, their way of thinking etc.
  12. discover many places which serve good food (outside UM)... thanks to the clique i hang out with!
  13. realise how raw a banana i am!
  14. the true importance of tv and internet in my life
  15. discover that my fingernails turn purple - blue - icky green whenever i have a bath (no heater ma)
  16. experience communal toilets/bathrooms which are really disgusting
  17. discover that the 5th floor doesn't have any mosquitoes unless your room is messy
  18. learn that proper shoes are important to the wellbeing of your feet
  19. realise that wearing a skirt in faculty is a major thing (and wearing a skirt in engineering faculty is a double triple major event!)
  20. realise that i spend alot on malay economy rice in KPS... sometimes even more than rm4!!
  21. discover that uni can be a very smelly place...
  22. the reluctant owner of many uni t-shirts (aiesec, cc family etc)
  23. understand that an institute of higher learning doesn't mean that the people there act in an educated manner
  24. know that there are great lecturers (prof sam, prof chong) and well, there are the other lecturers...
  25. a loner... because of lecture time clashes and other circumstances
  26. a lazy bum who does not have any motivation to study and has only got what i got by the grace of God... pngk 3.54 ... lousy...
  27. long for my old friends
  28. learn how to square dance
  29. go mamak-ing more often
  30. look for tamer casual clothes (my poor beautiful clothes are under-used!!!)
  31. more depressing on this blog...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Broken plans and empty promises... learning to grow up

before i get into the events that concern the title of this post, i just want to mention something about my unexpected shopping spree in summit yesterday! after mom fetched me, we decided on the spur of the moment, to go to summit sj... and we went dvd shopping... bought a couple of them and then we went form shop to shop after that... and i ended up buying 2 skirts... white crinkled skirt with sequin motive on the waist band (which actually my roomate and her friend bought a black version for the 'malam apresiasi'... hehehe) and a yellow short skirt with simple embroidery on it... i like them alot! so that settles my chinese new year garbs... i wasn't planning to get any in the first place... funny that we can always find something nice when we are not looking for something nice!

so, about broken plans... i was supposed to go to petaling street this morning with yen chyng and i cancelled it last night because i had spent too much money yesterday and didn't want to tempt myself anymore... poor girl had to stay in college over night... i wanted to go to petaling street to check out more fake kipling bags... they're not as nicely made as the original ones but the designs are quite nice and different from the shop ones... and i wanted to get some food there and maybe even go for chinese new year shopping... but alas, it was not meant to be...

now, about empty promises... my uni friends were planning to watch memoirs of a geisha and i had asked them to include me if they went... and i just found out that they went today... and not a mention of it to me!! but i can understand that because i don't think i'm really accepeted into their clique... not fun enough ma... but poor mei lin was so distraught when one of them called her up at the very last minute to ask her whether she could fill in because li sum couldn't make it... i mean, even if you wanted someone to fill in, you shouldn't be so frank as to reveal the whole situation... and the worst part of it was that seemingly close friends didn't even breathe a word to her... so i've come to a conclusion that we can't really rely a 100% on our new-found friends in uni... for me, the only person i can actually count on is yen chyng... she doesn't "f.f.k." me... she always tells me earlier if she can't make it or doesn't want to do something...

dwelling on friendship... i learned that the further in we get to the real world, everything (including friendship) is not what it seems to be... the way i see it is that university is just a step away from the real and vicious world... and coming closer to it is making me face reality that in the secular world, almost everything is superficial... this makes me feel like i'm in the process of shedding off the happy and care-free years of childhood... which is abit depressing... like yearning for something that has already passed on... not so many hearty laughs these days... learning to grow up is tough... and now i suddenly understand why some teenagers go astray following the path to destruction... they're forced to face reality and grow up when they weren't ready... so they result to escapism which unfortunately comes packeged with addiction and destruction... i believe everyone has their own special "thing" for escapism but the difference is how harmful are the after-effects... mine's probably reading and my imagination... but not all the time though...

i don't know why i'm in the mood to write stuff that i truely think and believe in my heart today... heavy stuff!!! bringing the mood down... i must post something more cheerful in the future!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2nd post from the computer lab

so finally... the day has come and gone... what am i babbling about? the appreciation night! the hotel was mediocre bordering on unsatisfactory... waiters were sloppy and had a face sourer than any lemon you could ever find... but wow! the 12th college people realy outdid themselves!!! it was probably close to a prom night! all the girls (well, at least the chinese...) were dolled up... with little dresses which would definitely get anyone demerited if one wore it in college... in fact i can safeley say that i was probably the chinese girl who was most covered up... by the way, i was wearing mum's ettincelle top (which actually cost rm400 over...) and her skirt... the only things that were mine was my bag and shoes... i think i must've looked so conservative! i thought a college-organized event would mean that college rules still applied! but well, that has proven to be a fib...

anyway, we recieved a Digi starter pack as our door gift... my number was quite nice... easy to remember with lots of 0's in strategic areas (that sounded very ditsy!)... will i keep it? i don't know... do i need it? not really... i don't know whether i should switch from hotlink to digi... my hotlink number seems to be prone to prank callers (which i think roots from some malay or indian bitch who keeps giving out my number and passing it off as theirs to their creepy male acquaintances! i'm not racially discriminating but the callers always ask for some malay or indian girl... plus they don't get it when i say they have got the wrong number, instead they call back >10 times non-stop! talk about freaky creepy people!!!) and i think there's something wrong with my SIM card... sometimes it'll show "emergency calls only"... very inconvenient...
but the bad part is, i have to inform everyone in my address book that i've changed my number... so i think for the time being, i'll just maintain the digi number and see where it takes me...

back to the dinner, we had a chinese style dinner with dishes like shark's fin soup (which was all corn flour and jelly shark fin), salted fish fried rice, roasted chicken, fried fish, vegetable with mushrooms, four seasons and sea coconut dessert with flakey kaya biscuit... i came with mei lin... met li sum in the lobby... met many others there too... our table number was 44!! luckily we weren't superstitious (or at least i am not)!! and to our shock, our table occupants were 4 chinese engineering guys (3 places were empty)!!! and they REALLY looked like engine students!!! even our aiesec friends from engineering faculty agree... and they were so shy... at one point, they ALL started to fiddle with their handphones... and we were like, laughing among the 3 of us!! hahaha... in fact one of their friend from another table came over and chatted us up...hahaha... that was so funny! but at the end of the event, one of the guys asked me to take a picture with him... i hope he doesn't missuse it! i really was quite shocked at the time that that idea didn't cross my mind!

another thing that was quite funny was that everyone (chinese ppl i mean) were taking photos non-stop!!! the others were quite subdued... just siting and looking around... and i saw many chinese girls with shifty eyes... sizing up each other... i think that's an inborn trait in chinese females? perhaps not, but it really is rampant among chinese people... that's what evolved into the "kiasu" mentality... anyway, i took a number of photos too but with mei lin's camera... so i am waiting to get them from her... i think i look goofy (as usual) because mum put a broad layer of eye liner on me and that made me look fierce... wearing make up is just so distressing... too much hassle and inhibits my eating abilities!!! hahaha... hopefully someday i'll get accustomed to it...

now that i think back, i think if i chose to wear something from my wardrobe, i might have looked better... although mum's clothes were really nice and costed more than anyone could imagine and would fit right in if i were amongst 'datins' and the likes... but i think what i usually wear on weekends would have been more outstanding among this crowd of people...

This is unrelated to what i've been dwelling on above but i just had to include it... I got this from an e-mail and think it's very true...

If you think that you can make a difference on your own, then you need to read the words of the poet who wrote "The Indispensable Man":

Sometime when you're feeling important;
Sometime when your ego's in bloom;
Sometime when you take for granted,
You're the best qualified in the room.

Sometime when you feel that your going
Would leave an unfillable hole;
Just follow this simple instruction,
And see how it humbles your soul.

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist;
Pull it out and the hole that's remaining,
Is a measure of how you'll be missed.

You may splash all you please when you enter,
You can stir up the water galore;
But stop and you'll find in a minute,
That it looks quite the same as before.

The moral in this quaint example
Is to do just the best that you can;
Be proud of yourself, but remember
There's no indispensable man!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

1st post from the science faculty computer lab!

my aspirations of going to singapore to see dream theater are becoming paler! LK doesn't seem to hyped about it! oh no!!!

it's really ironic that i can come up with so many things to write about when i'm offline... but once i get to a comp... everything vanishes!

anyway, i'm in my faculty's computer lab... waiting for mom... and just searching for all kinds of nonsense... i now know what "Non plaudite. Modo pecuniam jacite." means... it's a Latin phrase for don't just clap, throw money! (got that phrase from a mensa yahoo!group) and i was reading up on jupitor's moon Europa... but it was quite a bore... and now i'm researching on spontaneous human combustion... which is puzzling as well as comical at moments (yes... that sounds very saddistic!) but really... it is a scary thought to behold... one second you're watching the telly and the next, you don't know what hit you but you're up in smokes and reduced to ashes!!! even your bones have disintegrated... and your skull might even shrink into a size of a baseball!!! SHC seems to happen to older people who consume alcohol and are alone and have excessive fat... however there have been cases with the exact opposite conditions... so all in all, there isn't a satisfactory explanation to spontaneous human combustion!

what's hot at 12th college? it's the apreciation dinner this coming saturday... it's at grand seasons hotel (the one where we used to go with ah yee... and one time... the toilet started overflowing! sheesh!!!) and i thought that it would be some sort of a simple dinner thing (taking into account that college activities and also uni activities are usually not very... err... elaborate? affluent?)... but lo and behold, i've just found out how excited everyone is about this event! it's the talk of the talk!!! people are going gown shopping! new shoes... new hairstyle... i suppose it's the equivalent of prom night! my room mate and her friends are getting new dresses so that they can take a photo and post it on friendster! hahaha... so now everyone who's going is asking around what each other are wearing!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Will I get to see Dream Theater Live?

i totally forgot to mention this... the progressive rock band dream theater are coming to singapore!!! at first i thought they were coming on the 28th of january and for some reason, i kept thinking that the 28th was a friday!!! something wrong with my eyesight!?! and at first i was hopeful... since i didn't have class on friday and i wouldn't be missing 1st day of cny... then i heard it was on the 27th... and still being blur, i thought that was a thursday and started despairing... had classes and a test... but then the test moved up to 26th (sad la... my special day in the year and i have to sit for test!) and i was hopeful again... but not too positive since i still had classes on that day... then today half way through service, i suddenly felt that i'd got something wrong... and after thinking hard about the dates and doing mental counting... i found out that all along i'd got the dates and days all mixed up!!! 27th was a friday... 28th was cny eve and 29th was cny! yahooo.... yipppieeee! so now i'm really hopeful of going to singapore... all i have to do now is renew my passport and push LK into going for it! hehehe... evil plan has already commenced... will i go or not... that is totally unbeknownst to me or anyone...


why must something simple always turn out to be something impossible? why do some people just love to complicate matters? all my life i've experienced this... right here at home... and everywhere... i'm so sick of it! the way i see it, it's so bloody simple... but people must start worrying about stupid trivial things that are more than likely won't happen... just making it hard for me to have a pleasant day... worry! worry! worry! it is pobably some kind of compulsive paranoia! the worst part of it is that it always has to happen during crucial parts of my life... for instance, spm... gave me so much SHIT! as if i hadn't enough on my mind... he had to add another burden onto my load of worries... although it is very un-christian of me, i'll never forget the reaction and the reluctance to assist! the immediate "NO" response... the emotional trauma it caused... and the feeble attempt for redemption... why do i not see any changes in the person who has been 'saved'? maybe i've set a bad example? am i stumbling someone in their walk of faith?

why do people keep having doubts? do they think they are cleverer, greater, superior to the bible, Jesus and God? why must they always seek a logical and scientific explanation to God? do they actually believe that they can figure out how God works? if that is so, then they are trying to be God rather than get closer to Him! i just can't stand it when someone has this satisfied smirk when they think they've manage to disprove some part of the bible (and still call themselves christian)... because the way i see it, these 'people' have totally missed the point... instead of trying to disprove the bible, they should have spent that time increasing their faith, asking the Lord for direction, trusting in Him and giving their lives to Him...

ok, that was just a stream of angry thoughts... i've unburdened them here and no longer wish to be recalled to them. it may be false and it may be true... but whatever! i'm not publishing a history book here so it doesn't really matter whether the facts are accountable for... this is just a place to crap on = blog... nothing here should be taken too seriously... because i usually blog according to my current emotions...

therefore, i'm after all a girl with emotions!!! i think i have never mentioned this, but lately, i've come to a conclusion that i think more like a guy than a girl... i don't get touched by things other girls cry about... i always end up listening to people's problems rather than exercising my 15,000 word quota a day (maybe one day i'll explode with all these unspent words!!! like rev. bernard ankomah said... a time bomb waiting to explode) ... i don't take forever to get dressed (in fact i can get ready faster than my bro!!!)... i don't keep thinking i'm fat (but i keep hearing it from everyone!!! arghh... it's really getting tiring!)... and i really don't mind getting my hands dirty when the occasion arises (most girly girls would squirm and refuse to do the job...)... but don't get me wrong, i'm not a tom boy... i love wearing skirts and looking pretty and doing other girly stuff, having crushes (but not advertising them)... perhaps this state of mind constitutes that i'm a cold person!?! perhaps that is what deter guys! hahahahaa... that's something to really brood on... but all in all, i'm pretty sure i'm not ready for a bgr... but as some wise friends have pointed out, it'll happen when it happens... can't really plan it out... so be it!!!