Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My blog died for a few months!!!!

so finally my finals have finished. i feel abit strange since i'd just finished my exams right before the break and so i have suddenly plunged into a state of idleness after rigorous studying! i always get this feeling after tests/exams. it feels like there's some emptiness in me and suddenly i have no direction... i think alot of people feel that way too.

so what has been happening for the fast 3 months? alot actually, but i can't remember everything and i'm having flu now, so it's just too painful to do serious thinking.

i managed to secure a placement for my industrial training in march... but the problem is its a small lab and i think the lady boss is expecting me to do r&d on my own... so i think i'll try applying to other companies... i hope i can...

my exams were terrible... the only paper that feels ok to me was the biochemistry analysis, the rest... i have a bad feeling about them all!!! i don't think there'll be any A's this time around... i think i'm getting dumber... or i'm just losing my focus too often... well whatever the cause, what's done is done.

ok, i think i'll just post up this redundant post just to jumpstart this blog in the hopes of igniting the interest to blog in me again... as i'll be quite free until december 26th.

goodbye, for now... more will be coming soon (i hope)

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