Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hot Hot Days and My Head is Uneven!

During the week, most of my time is spent in office with freezing air conditioning although my room should be warmer due to the windowed wall. And when I return home, it's already night time. So I don't really experience the hotness of the day until I am out on the weekends.

Yesterday was particularly hot. I was out on the road for most of the day and it was so hot that I got myself a slight headache (which is a rare thing for me). My headache sneaked up like a snake in the dark and coiled around my temple with slight throbbing every now and then, all through the afternoon till night.

It was so hot that I had to lie on the marble floor in my aunty's house, rolling around. While rolling around, I discovered that my skull is shaped really unevenly. The curves of the right side of my head is pretty uniform, but my left side had this ridge of bone jutting out (at least from my estimate of rolling my head from right to left and vice versa on the even floor. It was a weird feeling, discovering this.

What had happened to me during my formative years? When my bone material were solidifying and taking its shape. Was it because I had lie on one side too much or I got dropped on my head or someone had massaged my skull unevenly? All these ideas are funny. But thankfully, my hair hides this imperfection! ;)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Part 1: Our trip to the Land of the Rising Sun (post late by a year and some)

Around March last year, the three of us set out to finally visit our dear friend in Tokyo. It took us three years to make the trip and C was already in her final year of PhD studies. Nevertheless, we found some time in between the busyness of us three to agree on a date and just book those darn flight tickets!

So off we went with some level of planning and budgeting. Our itinerary was to spend a few days in Tokyo and then head to Kawaguchiko, back to Tokyo, shinkansen our way to Kyoto, day trip to Osaka and back to Tokyo for the remaining days. Being Asian, we wanted to cover as much as possible (ideally) but reality always pulls us back to earth and enjoy things as it comes rather than chasing a humanly impossible schedule.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The deed is done

After the decision was made, it was time for action to be taken. I always believe that talk is cheap, but action speaks volumes. I had been complaining to every one that would listen, for the past year (yes, it is June again!) and hadn't done anything much but reject other opportunities. Even if this would turn out to be the wrong choice, I think I owe it to myself to do something about my problem (ooh, the bad P-word!).

Saturday, June 13, 2015

News or Tabloid: I don't know which is which anymore

Lately, Malaysia has been having quite a number of incredulous news that I'm not too sure if I'm still living in the same country. Every news, be it a happy one or a sad one, has been sensationalized. And the funny thing is that it all turns out to be stupid. Seriously brain dead stupidity.

Holier than thou comments which ultimately show the ignorance and narrows mindedness of some Malaysians. Shameless acts done that certain Malaysians just choose to be blinded against. I don't know. The Malaysia today seems unrecognizable from what Malaysia was not long ago.

Perhaps all these dimwits and liars had been around all this while but the transfer of information had never been this fast and so the mass majority of us had never suspected such idiots existed. And to see these idiots proudly parading their vices and ignorance is just dumbfounding. It really makes the sane ones become stupider (if there's such a word, i.e. reverse learning, miseducation, dumbify)

Malaysians, please! Like what I heard on radio a while back, "please engage brain before releasing tongue!"

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

First step

Today I've taken the first step. Hopefully it's in the right direction. I'm excited as well as scared. But I have faith that things will work out.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Bedtime stories

I used to read Anne of Green Gables and the likes, for bedtime stories. But now, I'm reading Annual Reports before bed, to research on a company.

How ironic. But the good thing about public listed companies or subsidiaries of PLCs is that their corporate information is publicly available.