Saturday, July 16, 2005


i'm sick... i have swollen tonsils and kept getting fever episodes since thursday night... i had an asthma attack just before my chinese society meeting on thursday evening... i used the inhaler once so i didn't dare take the ventolin tablet... so i prayed and tried to focus my mind and calm myself down... thank God that worked... by the time i went for the meeting it was over... by the way, i really think that eating mcD was the fuel to the whole flu thing...

anyway, i have signed up for 13 credit hours of classes. the maximum credit hours are 16. at first i had 15 but the science faculty people had to drop "kemahiran maklumat" so i ended up with only 13. my classes are:
proses kehidupan
biologi organisma
amali biologi
pengenalan kepada kajian sains dan teknologi
i don't know whether i should take "prinsip-prinsip kimia" since i want to major in biochemistry... but the seniors say that chemistry courses are really hard and for the 1st year, our main priority is to get the highest possible cgpa...

so far the lecturers are ok... and surprisingly, the "pengenalan kepada kajian sain dan teknologi" class was quite interesting... something like a philosophy class... however, i'm not sure what language we'll be tested in since the lecturer speaks in bm but his power point slides are in english... btw, funny thing is... the lecturer(he's a chinese) can't express himself very well in english or bm. for most of the lectures, i think i might have to make my own notes because the notes given are really disorganised.

i received only rm6300 for my ptptn loan... i guess i shouldn't have put my parents' real salary... well anyway, it was such a bother getting the loan offer letter and all settled... i MUST say that the ptptn workers are inefficient! they're supposed to start procesing at 9 a.m. but they only arrive at around 9.20 a.m. and only open the counters after 9.35 a.m. luckily i had waited there early and was one of the first few. then they ask us to wait for their briefing... but most of us have classes at 10 a.m. so i just rushed off... in fact i went there the day before at around 4.50 p.m. but they had closed the counter already (when they had advertised their working hours as 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.)!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

First taste of life on campus...

on sunday the 3rd i went to UM, registered myself for the science course and checked-in to the 12th college (hostel). the room was surprisingly nice (better than what i had expected...). 12th college is the newest and biggest residential college in UM. they said that it can accomodate around 2000 or so students. it seems that many seniors are trying to get in too... and we must be active in the college activities in order to maintain our place there. if not, they'll kick us out. it kind of reminds me of smk section 9... so living there is like living in section 9 school... met up with some school mates and later on with yen chyng... we're on the same floor but in different blocks... and our balcony faces the courtyard so we can look out our windows to see whether the other is in or not. we saw mum's student kar sern (he's the good cute boy with a strange little lisp)... turns out his cousin from out of town was settling in there too... her name is june and she's doing science too but majoring in chemistry.

i don't really have the time to elaborate on each and every day of the orientation week, so here's just the gist of it... they made us sleep at 3a.m. and wake up at 5a.m. for our moral slot (which for me, was actually a gathering for chinese people where the chinese PM (pembantu mahasiswa) would talk to us about stuff concerning chinese people... and they spoke in mandarin! so i had to get someone to translate everytime...). we also had to attend many opening ceremonies and talks which made the majority of us freshies, nod our heads into dreamland. there was a time (our "aku janji" ceremony i think) in the dewan tunku canselor (DTC) where a guy was seriously so sleepy that he nearly fell of his chair a couple of times during the ceremony... and everytime it happened, i was trying so hard to stifle my laugh... i know... i'm becoming saddistic...

during our registration, we filled in a couple of forms and i was stupid enough to write down my section 9 choir experiences... this resulted in me being a part of the college's choir team... we had inter-college competitions all week and there was a choir competition on friday evening. however, joining the choir wasn't so bad... i met many new friends and PM Elena and PM Pao Yee... they helped us (science faculty people) to register our course in the secretariat room in our college instead of waiting for our "angka giliran"... mine was 999... so thankfully, i managed to register for all the classes of my choice... we were also exempted from a couple of activities in order to practise... but we missed out on 2 "suak" (cheering in unison) competitions in the DTC. we walked there every night to attend some function and then when the guests are gone we'd have "suak" sessions... although our college is the largest but we somehow didn't have the "semangat". after our 1st night in the DTC, while we were walking back... we challenged the 7th college but they declined us by hiding behind their umbrellas... and i saw irving was one of them!!! hahaha. every night PM Yan would try teaching us a new "suak"... the PMs would go crazy (in a lunatic way) when teaching us "suak"... i guess it brings out the inner-child of everyone... especially pm yan (which i found out leter that i'm actually older than him!!!...ooh... and i noticed that the non-malay matrics students are special/unique somehow... when you talk to them, you just can sense it... maybe it's just me... being paranoid again)... ok back to the choir... we had to wear the college's nasyid team baju kurung. they were quite nice but there wasn't enough of the same colour for the front row (where i stood... coz i'm short...) so another girl and i had to wear light pink sets. anyway, we sang "sejahtera malaysia" and there were 2 other colleges singing the same song... anyhow, we managed to bag the 1st place! so we had to sing in the DTC on saturday night at the "malam juara".

on our "malam juara", the band boboys (spelling?) was the "artis jemputan" and they screwed up at their 1st phrase... calling us UUM!!! so everyone started attacking them with "suak"... anyway they apologised and sang a couple of songs for us. although we (chinese people in the choir) didn't know a single song they played we just danced and had fun... by the way, 12th college won the most gold medals for sports. but in other areas, we didn't do too well. after we came back that night, the PMs made us run around the college taking care that the candle they gave us wouldn' t go out and then jump into the pond and get splashed there. while they were giving out their lengthy instructions i fell asleep and was awoken by rainwater from PM yan's umbrella ( it was raining heavily outside)... anyway, a couple of us experienced that... after that they made us run in the rain... and so i ran... but when we came to the pond, i tried asking PM che abdullah to hold my inhaler for me but they didn't let me go into the pond after that... there were a couple of girls who came out of the pond injured (or maybe sick) and they were so weak they couldn't walk... anyway we slept at 6a.m.

oh yea, someone's parents complained to some big person in um that the PMs weren't allowing us to have enough sleep and so the pengetua got so mad and he stormed out of the hall after confronting us all... he said that the PMs wewn't going to be responsible for us anymore and we can do whatever we want to... then the hall lights and air-cond were switched off and suddenly we had some sort of voice-out among us freshies... it was all abit awkward because (to me) it seemed a little bit staged... but i think others bought it... anyway... i got to eat now... hopefully i'll have time to type up an update on my 1st week of classes...