Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day in the Park

I am on my "Survey on Transport to KL" quest. The objective: to find the best transport option I have before I start my new job on Jalan Ampang.

I started out late at 7am, however after enduring the gruelling KTM Komuter train ride from Shah Alam to KL Sentral (where the only place my eyes could comfortably settle were on people's butts!), and then switching to LRT all the way to KLCC, I reached my destination at 8.20am.

With my survey done, I had nothing to do but walk around KLCC. But it was too early for the shops to be open, so I took a walk around KLCC park (for the first time ever! and alone!). To cut the story short, here's some shots I took (looking like a tourist, nonetheless).

A track for joggers in KLCC park

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rape of Sarawak's Forest

Admittedly I have not been keeping up-to-date with the latest local news. I know that Sarawak is having their general elections next week and that the current chief minister just married a young Middle Eastern wife, in a somewhat hush-hush manner, while his son is being sued by an ex-wife for hundreds of millions (Ringgit).

And then I read this today. At first I thought it was just an exaggeration of facts by foreign media, but when I Googled for the actual satellite images and found them, I was really upset at the lies this politician has weaved for us. Imagine the indigenous people who do not have Internet to check all these information for themselves and are continually duped by this evil man and proceed to vote for him and his party of liars! This just makes me sick! Sometimes I really wonder when will these people taste retribution? It is grossly unfair that they pull on a sympathetic face in front of the people (voters) and behind our backs, they are sucking us dry like a two-faced viper.

If our politicians don't even have conscience, then they are not humans and don't deserve to be treated like one!

This Google satellite map image is just one example where anyone with a functioning eye can see what stark difference our Sarawakian rainforest and that of Brunei's are! The capillary-like things are logging roads (and the CM claims 70% of Sarawak's forest cover is intact)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Satan Fabric?

Today is my last day at work. And amidst preparing the weekend news, I was Googling on how to pre-wash Jersey fabric - my next sewing project, tentatively. (Awaiting my fabric shipment from - which includes 2 yards of Jersey to make a dress I found on Burdastyle!)

Anyway... this is what I found:

Satan fabric! LOL (literally did that right in the middle of office)
Clicking into the link, there was some dude who posted a long comment about Satan not being evil and that he would lead us to enlightenment (I mean seriously!?! Does he even know that it was purely a typo error? gee... from sewing to satan worshipping!) hahaha Sooooo many types of people in the world, huh?

Another comment wrote: "you know, i always THOUGHT that polyester was the fabric choice of satan…" LOL!!! Ah, some people really have a good sense of humour!

What a good morning laugh! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon Tonight!

Yesterday I chanced upon this CNN news about the perigee moon that we are experiencing tonight - the moon at its biggest and brightest in nearly 20 years! This is due to the moon orbiting closest to Earth (its orbit is elliptical), at a distance of 356,577 kilometers.

I'd totally forgot about this until someone posted on Facebook that the moon made him trip and fall. Hahaha I know it's sadistic of me to be reminded this way.

Here are a few better shots I got with my redeemed gift Nikon point and shoot.

View from my gate (no zoom) - I know, if I didn't mention about the perigee moon above, no one would have thought this an extraordinary moon