Thursday, April 19, 2007


a couple of minutes ago, i just found out that transposons are responsible for the multi-coloured corn kernels (black, yellow, red etc) on some corn cobs (especially indian corn)!!! for a biochemistry student, it's pretty sad that i only know this 2 days before my final exam... and this i found out on the web, not through my lecturer's notes (which induced a panic attack in me 2 days ago... i don't know why, but the more i read them the more confused i become)

anyway, i had my first finals paper yesterday (toxicology to be precise)... i thought i did ok till we started discussing the answers after the exam... and i'm pretty sure i've lost 30 marks or so... hopefully i can get better than C for this paper as i really did memorize alot (and actually enjoyed studying) for this subject... my problem was not reading the question properly and hastily answering it... i didn't have time to think my answers through... all my thoughts just went straight from my brain to my pen via action potentials transmitted through my neurons with nitric oxide as neurotransmitter in my brain synapse and acetylcholine as neurotransmitter in the neuromuscular junction. an action potential along the axon of the presynaptic neuron stimulates the influx of calcium ions which then causes the release of acetylcholine into the synapse and stimulates the nicotinic cholinergic ionic channel receptors which causes an EPSP and as a result muscle contraction occurs. probably half of that is inaccurate, but that's just a taste of what i had to come up with in my exam... the best part was that i started to memorize the lipid peroxidation pathway for linolenic acid at 9 a.m. and that question came out in our 11.30 a.m. paper! Thank God i memorized that! (and actually could remember it during the exam!) i need supplements for my brain... i think i'm extraordinarily "nyanyuk" (forgetful) for my age...

Friday, April 13, 2007

MYC!news article which i wrote... they've probably edited it...

Having Fun Helping the Needy

Saturday the 24th of March, 2007 marked the opening ceremony cum fund-raising concert of Young Visionaries 2007 (YV’07). This community-based project organized by AIESEC in University Malaya (UM) started in 2003 and has been successfully running for the 4th time in 5 years. This time around, YV’07 has adopted Trinity Home and Agathians Shelter for two months in which specially selected international trainees will facilitate weekly activities at these orphanages.

To get the ball rolling, a two-day carnival held at the car park area of Perdanasiswa, UM preceded the fund-raising concert. Participants of this carnival include NGOs and merchandisers.

The YV’07 fund-raising concert held at the Dewan Tunku Canselor, UM was officiated by Mr. Ambhihabathy Ratnam, Assistant Head Registrar of Student Affairs and Alumni in UM. This star-studded night hosted by Jules of Fly FM and Shamser Sidhu, started off by a stunning break dance performance by the children from Agathians Shelter. Next in line, fellow AIESEC member James Loh cooled down the excitement with his soothing ballads. Local band Borange then raised the tempo with their original numbers followed by a cute Indian dance by the children of Trinity Home. Marionexxes and Flirting with Sleep were next with their hardcore experimental music. The final band FasyLive “wow”-ed the crowd with guitar, drums and bass solos incorporated into their tight set of blues/rock songs.

As the saying goes ‘save the best for last’, the headliners of the night were Karen Kong and Juwita Suwito! Karen hooked us with her sugar sweet voice, singing “Juli Doremi” and “Cinta Hello Kitty” from her debut album “Mulakan”. After which Juwita Suwito mesmerized us with her version of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and two more songs from her current album “For Real” – “Teman Sejati” and “Walk Away”. The latter song she performed by popular demand from the crowd.

Other highlights of the night include lucky draw sessions sponsored by The Body Shop and bidding sessions for three 3 months memberships to California Fitness. The audience also received goodie bags sponsored by myc!news on their way in.

The funds raised from the carnival and concert will be used for the weekly activities to be held at the two orphanages. Any surplus would be donated back to the orphanages. Among the weekly activities planned are pot-planting, craftwork, puppet show, brunch sponsored by Paddington House of Pancakes, watching movie, tutoring, games/sports, scouting experience and an excursion to Gardenia.

Interested to know more about AIESEC or YV’07? Visit Perhaps you’d like to volunteer, please contact Ms. LS (xxx-xxxxxxx) for further details. Donations in monetary or in kinds are most welcome (Please contact the abovesaid person). Let’s make this a Mission Possible!

YV'07 flyer!!!

this is the YV flyer that we managed to get printed. California Fitness printed it for us with thei advertisement on the back. negotiationg for this is another long winded story that i'll just let lie...
i had to redesign this countless times!!! but actually it's kind of simple la...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

How hope crumbles!

first paper is next wednesday at API... where that is, i have no clue but i'm supposing it'll be the best looking building in um... since API stands for Akademi Pengajian Islam... hint hint

well, what's been happening for the past month? basically, YV'07!!! i've been designing and designing and designing publicity material for Young Visionaries 2007, half of which did not materialize in the end due to financial constraints... terrible... i just feel terrible... not about my designs but rather about the whole concert big hoo-haa thing... personally i think we bit off more than we could handle! the idea of the whole thing now seems absurd in hindsight. organising a full blown concert in 2 months and all of us green horns in that kind of events management? wttw had at least 6 months of preparation and their target was the exhibition and cultural night. we had 2 months to plan the carnival and charity concert and also take care of the weekly programs for the orphanages! personally i feel that we all lost the main focus of YV in all the hustle and bustle of planning this elaborate event...

i really can't believe that 70% of the time and our plans were dependent on the false hope of a sponsor (a major telecommunication company). time and time again i stressed on the development of a backup plan... but NOOO... we're still hoping on xxXxx to back us!!! and when desperate times called for desperate measures... still, they looked down on quite established local indie bands (which they the OCs might have never heard of... but believe me that these bands are leaps and bounds better than some of our performers!!!).

i know that i've never organized anything close to a concert let alone a stage performance, but i've heard so much from LK for more than 5 years about band performances and the equipments etc... hell, i even became roadie carrying guitars and effects pedals!!! and so i offered some advice like thinking of where to rent mics, mic stands, drums and guitar amps from and holding an audition to see the suitability of the band's materials... to the former, the response was "i'm sure that the musicians will bring their instruments" and the latter was just ignored... so to those who know the current situation of local indie bands, i rest my case.

time for promotion... ok, i admit that i did not approach many people in the faculties, but i did my fair share during the college roadshows... besides i am the one who stayed up till 5 a.m. everday just to rush the redesigning of our flyers etc!!! and to make my day, some "so-called-volunteers" start making snide remarks about how we run our roadshow!!! if you're so bloody clever, then why don't you get off your fat brown-nosing ass and actually help out like what volunteers are supposed to do! if not, just shut your gap and stop posing as a noble volunteer!!! honestly, i'd rather have no volunteers than have this kind of NATO idiot! but just for the record, there were really really sweet and helpful volunteers... in fact the rest were really great... Hari was so helpful and supportive!!! only about one or two posers strutting their stuff instead of helping out... and interestingly, i found an SMKS9 junior in AIESEC! i can't believe we were in choir together!!! such a sweeet cute girl! i think she's the only ex-SMKS9er that i've come across in UM!!! perhaps there are others... but i don't know them

so comes the big day! rush here rush there... ML and i carrying the heavy VIP armchairs (the ones with wood carving and padded upholstery) with FC and Jasper... volunteer A looking on and hollering "eh, where were you all har?", not lifting a hand! i really wanted to answer back, "we were riding in a next-to-condemned lorry rounding UM for the umpteenth time looking for the VIP furnitures! being sent back and forth between stores and rumah universiti... and then the 4 of us (2 guys and 2 girls) lugging the 4 darn chairs and 2 tables down a slippery flight of stairs and hoisting it into the lorry!" i really despise people who simply shoot their mouths without knowing the current situation! like Mr. JP used to say, "don't thought, think!" to people who make excuses like "i thought ar..."

the concert night... technical problems... again volunteer A was partly responsible for that... but of course the severity of the whole let down was also contributed by the dissappearing act of our dear OC member... and it is so dissappointing to state that some of our own OCs lacked committment on this night... the night where every helping hand was so important in its success... i really don't know how some people can promise the sky and not even deliver the earth/soil (whatever)... nothing, totally nothing... our opening ceremony power point presentation which was delegated to someone more than a month before... end up cutting and pasting my slides from the publicity materials (that i did in one night, mind you!)... so, unwittingly i have done someone else's job! How Grreat!

but by far, the worse part was seeing the audience flee the horrible performance by our very own UM band, Marionexxes!!! (Please voice out those words with over-exaggerated sarcasm!!!) because that's what they think of themselves (the best band in the woooooorrldddd!!!) GOODNESS, these people need a REALITY CHECK!!! i'm sorry but i have nothing but snide remarks when i think of them! they text us offering to play for free (to help the children yada yada yada...) and then after they chase away our crowd and eat up all our VIP food, they expect us to pay them RM100! do we need to spell it out for them (not like they'd even understand then...) C-H-A-R-I-T-Y concert!!! we started out with ZERO for capital and ALL our other performers (which are more established than them) Juwita Suwito, Karen Kong, FasyLive, Borange, Flirting with Sleep, James Loh... didn't require any payment! even our MCs Jules from fly fm and shamser sidhu did it for the sake of charity! these UM people try to be so arty farty by playing the chinese instrument erhu (which was more than not out of tune) and claiming to have a new zealand didgeridoo player (which turned out was a malay guy born in NZ)... Have they no cow sense? Do they not have any receptors for embarrasment? THIS really tops my list of UNBELIEVABLE events that's happened to me in my life so far! I'm still dumbfounded by all this... my brain can't accept that there is such imbecility in this world! and in an institute of higher learning... a place for supposedly intellectual thinking and appreciation of the power of knowledge!!! i hope that this is the only case of such detritus mindset in UM or any other universities in the world!

you know, i've vented this dumbfounded-totally-speechless feeling so many times to so many people but i still can't shake it off! I am totally undoubtedly spooked out with this experience! things just get worse and worse... i've never thought it possible... but seems like it is!

well, let me now dwell on the better part of the concert! Juwita Suwito was incredible... she was so sweet not to get upset because the band that shall not be named chased away her audience (she was the headliner and hence the last performer!)... she obliged us with an extra song too... joked with us, autographed our cds, bags, shirt etc. and she came for the sound check and actually did a sound check! (unlike the other ppl!) sheesh... i should've went for calvary church's fund-raising dinner for CCC... she performed there too...

karen kong was really cute and she sings well in live as in her cd! quite hard to find that quality in malaysian artists... even the veterens aren't as well prepared... to me, she was really sweet and CUTE! that epitomizes her!

i really liked FasyLive... they were really tight... timing and rhythm changes were all there and precise! albeit a little technical problem with the bass amp (which is our fault la)... their solos were really impressive! drummer had his double pedal and all... bass solo whoa!!! although they were quite loud, they had a tune goin! part of the reason they sounded good was because they brought their own sound engineer! i think that could've been their smartes move and i put my hats off to them for being so well prepared and just so.... chun!!!