Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Being Blur or Intentional?

I know this person whom I've grown to be close with at one point in time and now this person irritates me with every other sentence said. Why? I don't know why... but I suspect its because after a momentous turning point, I developed a prejudice against this person. Somewhat like 'once bitten, twice shy'.

I guess this happens when you discover someone has infringed on your privacy, a.k.a over-stepped the boundaries of friendship. Although this boundary is not always clearly defined and may vary from one individual friendship to another, from all the time spent together, the two parties to a friendship should already know the extent of this boundary - without having to actually spell it out!

It's funny how this person knows exactly which button to push. And it is always with the intention of digging for information on what I've been doing without this person, or deliberately (or if it isn't deliberate, then it's premature senility) asking for information which was already provided earlier. I don't know whether it is because this person wants to double check whether I was telling the whole truth or what. Before the 'turning point', there was never this 'enquiry pretence' going on with us.

To be honest, I really don't need this insecurity or stalking fantasy or whatever-it-is-called from a friend. What right has this person have to be probing my every comment on Facebook or messenger status?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'll never get it why some people feel the need to ALWAYS be number 1

Been there, done that
Mine is much better than yours
I couldn't possibly be wrong
You should do it like I did - its the best way"

It must be tiring to always be on alert and think up of some story on-the-spot just to show that your superiority remains unchallenged. There are two types to this group of people - the blatant and the undercover.

If one is in the blatant grouping and has a handful of positive traits, people around them usually turn a temporary deaf ear when their superiority complex takes over for the moment. It is amazing how understanding people can be - especially Asians, when it comes to telling boastful people off. We tend to think: after all, this person is my friend and I should be tolerant and overlook these minor flaws. 'Blatant' people tend to recognise and acknowledge this trait that is in them. In a way, you could say that they accept it as part of their personality and are proud to admit it.

The other group are the undercovers. These breed portray themselves as caring, humble individuals who wouldn't swat a fly, afraid that it would hurt the fly's feelings (you get what I mean? a.k.a being Mother Teresa). At first impression, you think you've found a kindered spirit but on closer observation, you find that there is always an undertone of 'putting you down' in many things that this person says/does. Praises will come with a 'but' at the end. You can see their displeasure on their faces when the conversation topic is not focused on them, but they won't come out and express this displeasure. They are in their element when they get to speak to people as a person with authority to give advice - somewhat like being a wise mother hen. They think it very clever to always see the negative in something positive, with the excuse of being cautious for uncertainties in the future. And another famous trait is false humility - where they verbally condemn something that has been cast on them by others (i.e. more responsibilities or good reputation), claiming that they don't want to be associated with it but in their hearts, they are rather proud of it.

There is a limit to obliging and giving in all the time. I mean, if someone is contented with his/her achievements or possessions, don't go bursting people's bubble and planting 'what could have been better' ideas. At the end of the day, what matters is that each individual has met their own personal goals... not someone else's.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Late last week, two youths (brothers) were sentenced to five years imprisonment each, for setting fire to the Metro Tabernacle Church in early January. To read more, please refer to this The Star newspaper article. A week or so earlier, another youth was acquitted of the offence due to lack of evidence. And if you were to read this other news report about what one witness testified and what the judge found of another witness' account, it makes you wonder why the court proceeding is just like another summon to the principle's office - where the naughty boys are telling the headmaster whatever that springs to their mind just to cover their asses. Obviously these dudes don't understand the severity of lying in court and probably are expecting some 'unseen powers that be' to put up a big show but save their hinds eventually. Very sad case indeed.

A similar situation is occurring in Indonesia. The government has bowed to the pressure of radical Muslim groups, allowing the church attacks to continue and one town council even shut out the church from a venue they usually congregate at. To read more about this issue, you can read either this secular news Website report or another one from a Christian news site

We are so blessed in the sense that we are able to legally exercise our right to practice our religion. So much so that we have taken it for granted till the point where we did not hear the alarm bells ring. Little by little, this right is being taken away (I leave you to make your own conclusion on what I'm referring to).

We need prayer.

Hillsong - You Said By Hillsong Music Australia .mp3
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You Said (Hillsong Music Australia)

You said ask and you will receive
Whatever You need
You said pray and I’ll hear from heaven
And I’ll heal Your land

You said Your glory will fill the earth
Like water the seas
You said lift up your eyes
The harvest is here
The kingdom is near
You said

Ask and I’ll give the nations to You
O Lord that’s the cry of my heart
Distant shores and the islands
Will see Your light
As it rises on us

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My all-time favourite book has been Twitter-ized!

It's funny how you start out researching about one topic and then get lost clicking on links which lead you to reading up on a totally different topic! This just happened to me. I was searching for reviews on Sao Nam Vietnamese restaurant (where I'll be dining at tonight) and ended up reading a blogger's Twitter adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen). If you have time and you are an avid fan of P&P, do click on the link and give it a read! It's a little lengthy but immensely entertaining! One word describes why it's all so funny: Ditzy! :D

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Most Worthy in Town!!! :D

I took this flyer up with the daily mail one morning, a couple of months ago. I don't mean to be mean, but reading an advertisement for another clichéd "organic" product made me just wanna gag myself! Every retailer just want to jump on the bandwagon and sell 'organic' products without actually understanding what makes their product organic and how they work...

And well, today I just feel like becoming an armchair grammar police. This is "most worthy" indeed! No? I don't even understand some parts of it...