Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sometimes the idea of a nightmare is scarier than the actual thing.

yesterday was a shitty day... my plant biochemistry test was terrible and then i couldn't paint the bamboo leaves in my chinese water colour class (which i'm taking as my co-curricular course and so happens everyone speaks mandarin there... poor me!). i was feeling really down as everyone else seem to be able to paint the leaves... i think the problem was probably that my brush was too big... then to top it all, i had to follow mum and her friend (whom which time does not exist in her realm) to 1u when i had a major test the next day (today). there was so much to study although we've only had like 10 classes so far and the notes are pretty hard to digest at first reading. i was so mad because this was sprung unto me unexpectedly and if given a choice, i think staying in the library would have been a better choice... so when we finally got home (which was at about 8.30p.m.) i studied like mad till 3a.m. with a short break at 12a.m. for my dinner...

today was the hormone test and well, it was quite ok since i didn't have that lost feeling like i had during the plant biochem test! as for the results, that is another story... i really don't know how well i'll score...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Blog!!!

my blog (this blog) is two years old today... and this is the nintieth post... not very much for 2 years huh? i wonder whether anyone actually visits my blog... maybe i should get one of those site visitor counters... but then i'm not sure how to integrate it into the webpage...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Post number eighty-nine.

i just noticed this when i logged onto blogger today... some people would say that my blog was in an auspicious state! hahaha... anyway, that's all... can't think of anything to say now...

Friday, January 05, 2007

A cause for paranoia

about a fortnight ago it was raining heavily in the wee hours of the morning (when LK was still on his leave) and we were up late watching tv and surfing the net, then suddenly we heard something like a metallic klinking sound in our backyard (and this was above the noise of the heavy rain! so it must've been really loud...). so LK went to check it out by going into the kitchen and peering through the kitchen louvres... he saw a guy standing behind our house in the back lane staring up at one of the upstairs windows (it was either LK's or the neighbour's room) in the heavy rain! then when mum asked him to turn on the backyard light, the guy disappeared!

that really got me spooked for many nights! what kind of person would stand in the heavy rain without any protection and just stare??? thank the Lord LK was there to scare that fella away! somehow lately there's been many cases like this happening around here! it seems at 3a.m. on thursday, there were a couple of indian boys chasing each other with sticks at the back lane again (but i was having a feverish sleep at that time for i was at the climax of my sickness!). this time papa even heard it.

talking about crime just outside your doorstep, quite sometime ago there was this brawl between an indian guy and an indonesian guy and they tumbled into our yard over our fencing! the former was hitting the latter on the head with a metal stick till the guy was bleeding... this carried on for maybe about 5 minutes or more and we were all shouting from within the house for them to stop. after yelling warnings that we'd call the police, they stopped and ran off... i'd actually had the polices' number at a press of a button away...

a few years ago, we were in the master bed room when we heard a woman's hysterical scream... when we looked out of the window we saw a pot-bellied indian guy on a motorbike grabbing at an indian lady's gold necklace while trying to chop her with a parang! the lady was trying to fight back and she had dropped her plastic bags of groceries. i can't remember whether the guy made it away with the necklace or not but it all ended in a split second (although when you're actually witnessing it, it seems like a long time).

things like this i don't see everyday and for me, it sounds more like something out from a television show or movie rather than real life. but the fact is that it does happen everyday in every country all over the world. we can see the evidence for that statement daily in our newspapers or news programs - and that is only what's been reported, what about the cases which aren't reported?? i thank God that He has protected me and my family in all circumstances and i pray that He will continue to do so. but what has happened to this world? man are behavinglike animals, in fact i think it more appropriate to say that man are behaving even beneath animals! whenever i think back about each of the incidents above, i have this feeling deep within that there's something really evil present at each of the incidents. somehow i have this perception that the devil actually possesses a person when he is doing something bad/evil. maybe this is just the result of having a too active imagination but this is how i feel about the matter.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new year... but why does it feel the same?

i was too lazy to plan an outing for countdown (because more often than not it'll not work out!) so i was at home online while 2006 evolved into 2007. i was chatting with BY on msn and right after we entered the new year, my streamyx started giving us a hard time! just typical... but of course the earthquake damages should be taken into account, therefore the shittiness of the streamyx connection can be partially excused for these few days.

lately i've been having way too much chocolate and starbucks! we seem to be frequenting various starbucks outlets in every 2-3 days... and there's been so much chocolate (nutella and ferrero rocher) in the fridge that we're getting sick of it! but i found this new chocolate in cold storage supermarket (actually i've heard about them before but this is the first time i've seen them in malaysian market)... they're called peanut butter cups!!! and they're really to die for (if you like peanut butter, that is...). i hope they're not just stocking them for christmas. if they are, i'd better get my one year's supply!!!

ok, a new year's post is supposed to be about reflections of the past year and resolutions for the coming... but so far, this post has deviated from that... anyway, i guess my resolution for 2007 would be to study harder and plan out my time properly... less bumming around staring into infinity... that kind of stuff... and also to be able to start on the 5 CIMA certificate papers. i've been trying to read the study text for the economics paper, but there's quite alot of jargons that i'm not familiar with... i may need to have study sessions with BY...

i've run out of ideas for this post... and this the 1st post of 2007!!! my blog is very much visibly deteriorating!