Friday, March 13, 2009

Out with the non-existant regime, In with the soapless cleansers!

since i started working, my facial skin has suddenly started acting like i was still a hormonally-imbalanced teenager - breaking out in pimples which could be considered bordering on acne. why? i'm not too sure myself (gosh, i have a feeling i've blogged about this before). however i've narrowed it down to a couple of possible causes:

1. job stress (highly unlikely though)
2. stress from driving (more believable)
3. l'oreal moisturiser i'd just started using around the same time (possible)

i've stopped using the moisturiser ever since and mum says that my face is getting better (although i don't really see it). what made me think that the moisturiser was the culprit was the fact that everytime i put it on, i sneezed non-stop and also occasionally it felt tingly. i didn't realise that i could be allergic to the product...

then i felt that the time has come to stop resisting the need for a proper face care regime. all this while i have only cleansed my face whenever it got too oily or when i've had a significant exposure to polluted air. everyday i'd wash my face with water only. that's why more often than not i'd have a patch of dry skin in one place or another on my face.

so, i decided to follow BY and try out avene. the set of toner, moisturiser and spot corrector cost me almost rm200 (after 10% discount) but the promoter gave me some soapless cleanser and scrub samples... i've been deligently performing my skin care regime for the past 2 weeks. so far, i haven't really noticed much difference... i think my skin is slightly smoother in places and definitely properly hydrated - no more dry skin peeling. my pimples are still there - when one subsides, another pops out! i hope my face will eventually clear up and save me money from having to visit a dermatologist!