Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Major: Biochem; Registration: Successful

as the header says... thank the Lord!!! i got biochem!!! i thought my results was goin to get me into trouble... but looks like it wasn't as bad as i thought it was!!! taking the pengantar falsafah alam sekitar course was a bad idea (got a C+ for that 3 credit hour paper!!! imagine the effect it had on my cgpa!!!) and although i thought my geology finals was a scorer, turns out my continuous assessment tests pulled me down badly (got a B+ in the finals as the effect of neutralising the previous B- and C- attained in the countinuous assessment tests)... so my cgpa was barely 3.5, a very dangerous position to be in, as you're not safe and also not a gone case... somewhat like sitting on the fence. but thank God everything turned out ok!

i just finished registering my courses online (at about 9.20a.m.)... as usual, it was so hectic! tried to wake up at 7.30a.m. but could only crawl out of bed at 8a.m. (no help from zack who was muzzling me to sayang him... manja dog to the maximum!) after taking a bath and all, i waited (while chatting) online for about half an hour to enter the registration website at 9.00a.m. sharp! at first the loading was so slow... but it got better later on... too many people on the server i guess... PRAISE THE LORD again as i was able to register for everything i planned for and also that my streamyx did not play me out!!! i half expected to fail to register for some subjects... because it's a horrible system the science faculty has... everyone registers online at the same time and it's more like playing a game than registering for courses that would determine our future! and again i had to help my friend register... however, she asked me a little late and some of the courses was already full!! and that was at about 9.30a.m.!!!

anyway, i feel very satisfied now!!! let me try to recap my feelings from the last 2 semesters.
semester 1: at first, i felt satisfied, then when i found out i missed out a course i was abit sad...
semester 2: again i was satisfied at first because i managed to get the important bio subjects and the right timing but i wasn't so happy about not getting a 3 credit hour "luar jabatan course"
semester 3: i feel satisfied because i got what i planned... maxed up my 19 credit hours... biochem subjects, elective course and a "luar jabatan" course... now i'll just have to worry whether i can handle all this!!!

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