Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bliss is short-lived and Worries abound!

today's my 3rd day back in uni. i've had alot of running around, waiting and worrying to do. and also turns out my timetable isn't that perfect after all... i had to make some changes... but i was lucky to get what i wanted although i had to drop some other subjects and as a result i can only take 18 credit hours. since there's no 1 credit hour paper and also the application date for extra credit hours has expired, i can't do anything about that... i think i'll just have to console myself with the fact that i've to take at least 20 credit hours for the next 3 semesters...

Saturday, July 08, 2006


went to BY house yesterday morning and we tried to watch moonchild on her laptop and it just couldn't play the vcds! she had watched it before on her laptop but suddenly the windows media player wouldn't play the file and at times did not even register a disk in the drive!!! i think computers are in fact allergic to me... i'm not so allergic to computers nowadays but the reverse situation seem to be happening often... i had a hard time trying to burn some discs a couple of days ago too... ended up burning the discs using both my laptop and the old almost dead desktop... for some reason (i think it's the spyware), the internet explorer window kept popping up when there was no adsl modem or telephone cable plugged into the desktop... but in the end the desktop ended up having a higher yield of burnt discs than my laptop...

i just tried out some questionnaire chinese horoscope thingy on my friendster bulletin board and the results were so funny (and not freakishly true as the header suggested)... it's those kind of stuff where you create a list and then fill in certain details at the different numerals of the list... i nearly choked when they interpreted the answers... it was really nonsense well except for one part about the person who knows me the most (or was it the other way around)... it seems my lucky number is 3... and the song put your records on best describes me... and my outlook on life is like the song it's all for you ... i don't think it applies with me!

i'm now in a frenzy with watching my name is kim sam soon on but the problem is that the videos can't fully load up no matter if i tried to refresh the page or view it on another day... i wonder why? my comp? or uploading problems... anyway, i think i found another alternative... but it's rather troublesome and the wait is longer but there are subtitles and clearer images... however i think i need to clear my hard drive soon... my comp is starting to slow down... started by burning out all the aiesec and uni stuff and deleting most of them. next will be burning out all the camera pictures and video recordings of zacko the wacko blackie dog... there's really too much stuff of him on my comp... i think he's had more photos taken than even my late dolly girl... but that's probably because we did not have the recording gadgets we have today... taking pictures back then was done by film and the canon slr camera is just a tad too bulky to be brought discretely to places.

BY and i went to SY home to help her paint the props for aiesec upm's miracle global village. then SY lent us some korean and japanese drama series... she really has a good collection and they're all original too!!! i don't know how i'm going to adapt back to uni life with all these new addictions resurfacing!!! hahaha... hopefully i'll get to improve my japanese from the drama...

Monday, July 03, 2006

In this unfair world...

animals are not humans and humans are not animals. one isn't the other and vice versa. however animals still are living things and no matter what you may argue, they are apart of a God's creation. and we as Man, as thinking and of higher intelligence beings, should not stoop so low as to bully and deprive these defenceless creatures! we are always spouting and fighting for human rights but what about these creatures who don't have the ability to communicate legibly with us to claim their rights? unlike us, they can't be educated about their rights and even if we tried, they wouldn't be able to comprehend what we were trying to tell them. so by right, it is our responsibility to care of them and ensure their well being (although you may not be an animal lover).

why should we do this? each and every one of us (be they animal, plant or human) are apart of earth's ecosystem and a degradation in a particular sector would mean the fragile equilibrium of our ecosystem would be altered. hence causing many violent and sudden changes in climate and patterns of natural disasters. the predictable will become unpredictable. the unexpected will happen.

furthermore, the extinction of a species would mean the variability of earth's gene pool would significantly decrease. what does that have to do with us? with all the domestication and commercialism in the farming industry, without the wild genes from uncultivated wild plants/animals, our sources of food wouldn't be able to fend for themselves when an ecological change happens. that would snowball into famine and eventual extinction of humankind.

is this what we really want? even with a step-up in educating the people around the world about this issue, the problem still persists. why? man is still man. with our indestructible ego and self-centered quality inborn in us. although not all man are as said above, however the majority are. why do we always have to learn things the hard way?

veering away from the above topic, it's such a horrible thing to witness people polluting our land and acting cruelly to animals. i can't believe open burning is still actually illegally practiced here. my own neighbours do it... do they think it's still some kampung area where they can burn their rubbish in front of their gates and leave it to itself? what is so wrong about letting the garbage collector collect your rubbish? is there some incriminating evidence that they're trying to hide from the public? i don't think that's likely. they probably think they're helping the government to get rid of rubbish or probably they're pyromaniacs! i was sickened to see 2 different open burning sites on the way back from singapore to kl. as if our weather is not hot and hazy enough, these people who live in the countryside must add to our dilemma.

another issue is the deliberate act of cruelty to animals. it's so sickening to see your own neighbours beating dogs with sticks whenever the poor creatures crosses in front of their house gate. also, kids shouting insults and obscenities at other people's pets (within the owner's compound) is becoming a norm. what kind of parents raised these kids? just because you can't touch (or bond with) these animals doesn't mean they are filthy and deserve death. there shouldn't be a class segregation/double standard between cats and dogs.

with the recent news of the dog catchers shooting half of the 2 dozen or so dogs that a man kept in his house is just disgusting! yes, the man was in the wrong but was killing 11 dogs the solution? a more humane action could have been carried out in place of those canine murders, such as getting the spca or paws to take the dogs away to a shelter or giving the man a fine or something heavier. but killing the innocent dogs who don't know that they are in fact illegal or even understand the concept of law and rules is the easy and cowardice way out of the matter. both parties are in the wrong but the severity of the wrongdoing of the authorities outweighs that of the dogs' owner! how could they make such a rash move? did not they think of the repercussions that would occur? i.e. severely hurting a man emotionally (since all the dogs were his pets... and all animal lovers will be able to identify with pets being part of one's family), exposing the fact that they still think like barbarians and also staining their image with acts of animal cruelty (which is a big NO NO if they want to appear favourable in the eyes of the public)
in desperation the man tried to save the rest of his dogs by rushing them away in his car and in the process accidentally knocking the authorities' vehicle. now they are trying to use that as an excuse to cover their asses. do they think that their wrongdoings can be neutralised by charging the man for that accident? well, this can only happen in our unfair world that we live in!

just a thought: would the same punishments be implemented if the case above had involved cats (instead of dogs)?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A makeover all of a sudden!

mum and i were looking for a present in midvalley megamall yesterday and since the gift was rm170, we could have a makeover and photo taken! so mum forced me to do it! i was so malu-fied because the makeup (by givenchy), hair dressing (by loreal and some hair dressing shop) and photo taking booth was in the concorse area where there was high traffic of people! so basically everyone gawked at those doing the makeover!!! i was so embarrased!!! especially when taking the photos!!!

the photos turned out ok... but personally i think it makes me look very chinese-ey (lala, ah lian etc.... hope you get what i mean!) i think it's the eye makeup (which was very light and pinkish highlights at the edge of my eyes) and the hairstyle (half head curls with fringe pulled back) ... but anyway, now mum can't bug me too much anymore... although she's already planning a 2nd one with straight hair this time!!

i think i won't upload the photos here... i'll only show it to close friends!! ;-P