Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Open Office finally working for my OS X Tiger

it's been bout 2 weeks since i downloaded open office on the G4. took me lots of internet surfing to figure out how to get it working... i'm still not used to using the mac... and somehow everything is delayed on this comp... like now while i'm typing, it takes a couple of seconds to see what i typed on the monitor... maybe there's not enough ram... anyway, after installing countless updates and some software called x11, i finally am able to use open office and also itunes. the open office interface needs a little getting used to... to me, it's like a basic microsoft office. the fonts look different though... haven't really started using it, so i don't know how user friendly it is.

im using adium as my instant messaging client. it's abit weird but the green bird is cute. no msn file sharing feature though...that's the sad part... i couldn't receive the family photos from my cousin!

so the past weeks have been pretty hectic. finals and all the usual panic attacks, depression and sleepless nights... then lab and all the failed PCR attempts. in fact, we're planning to stay at the antarctic lab tomorrow... and work all night. and oh yea, i volunteered to help out at nlds 07 in um. actually i didn't really help much because they wanted us to come at 6am every day and of course that's impossible for me... i don't drive! so i ended up coming for 2 out of 5 days... but anyway, when i was there i didn't have much to do because the oc's basically did everything and we were too under-informed to do anything major but become a runner...

christmas is coming! and CL is back for another few days... so we'll be going to ah yee's house more these few days.