Monday, August 14, 2006

horrible horrible schedule!!!

the mid-semester tests are starting to roll into my schedule!!! and to think that i've only mindlessly copied notes so far in lectures, i'm surely to get many hard-boiled eggs (0o0o) in my results!!! i just had the dna recombinant technology test, and honestly, it was pretty straight forward... but as usual, i didn't study the important stuff and so the whole piece of question sheet was filled with guesses and crap info. i'll be having my lab written test later... and we do not have any references to study... the manual is way too brief to answer any questions unless the lecturer asks us to write out the experimental method... then there'll be a biochemistry analysis test next friday and the proteins and enzymes test the following week!!! really need to buck up for that...

so lately, what have i been doing? i managed to secure 2 appointments from the marketing calls i did for my aiesec exchange team. however, we had to give up the 1st appointment to another team because none of us (actually those who actually care to do marketing calls) could make it (the sleeping members didn't even reply to our plee for help...). i went for the 2nd appointment with terence. it was at plaza mont kiara. i don't know why i got tongue tied there and now, everytime i call the hr manager, i'm struggling for my words... but anyway, the outcome of that case is still unknown (although i think it's already a "no", since i called him the other day and he said his boss is very busy and he'll get back to me if there's a need to).

now i still have about 10 companies to call... i stopped calling after i secured 2 appointments from the 1st 11 companies i called. i feel very burdened by this task because not everyone is doing it... and so if i finish my list now, they'll probably heap more contacts on me to call... that's what i think will happen... it still really puzzles me how some people can get away with doing nothing (and i really mean DOING NOTHING... not even answering sms messages!) or pretending to appear busy!!! again, the answer to this dilemma is (as countless times i've said on this blog), life's like that... the watchers disguising to be workers!