Saturday, July 01, 2006

A makeover all of a sudden!

mum and i were looking for a present in midvalley megamall yesterday and since the gift was rm170, we could have a makeover and photo taken! so mum forced me to do it! i was so malu-fied because the makeup (by givenchy), hair dressing (by loreal and some hair dressing shop) and photo taking booth was in the concorse area where there was high traffic of people! so basically everyone gawked at those doing the makeover!!! i was so embarrased!!! especially when taking the photos!!!

the photos turned out ok... but personally i think it makes me look very chinese-ey (lala, ah lian etc.... hope you get what i mean!) i think it's the eye makeup (which was very light and pinkish highlights at the edge of my eyes) and the hairstyle (half head curls with fringe pulled back) ... but anyway, now mum can't bug me too much anymore... although she's already planning a 2nd one with straight hair this time!!

i think i won't upload the photos here... i'll only show it to close friends!! ;-P

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