Sunday, March 27, 2005

Blessed Easter!!!

treated ah yee and uncle leong to high-tea at regent hotel, kl for belated cny and ah yee's birthday. the potato salad, strawberry shortcake and chocolate brownie cake was great! i managed to wear my new blue floral pleated skirt, ms selfridge turqoise spaghetti-strapped top, new white sandles and new peacock sequin bag... which was bought a week ago in 1u together with another purple floral sequin bag with beaded tassels.

rushed home after high-tea to get ready, pick dad and go to putra stadium; but "someone" didn't want to go because of "some" frivolous reason. so went off at 7 p.m. it was raining. reached bukit jalil sports complex at about 7.30 p.m. parking the car was a horrible. while walking to putra stadium, a "very considerate" person drove his car so fast and splashed a puddle of rain water on to my legs and my new shoes!!! what a "good" easter testimony!!! anyway, trudged on till we reached the entrance. stashing away the umbrellas was a messy act. hundreds of umbrellas were everywhere.

after "loo" stops, we entered the ground floor of the stadium but it was full, so we had to go back out and up to the 2nd highest level. sang some praise and worship songs, the band was good! the musical was great... the guy who sang so well in the christmas musical (like clay aiken...) also sang and by far was the best tonight. the dancers were good too, especially the kids, they were cute! (teaching little kiddies are having an effect on me...) and Jesus rode on a real live donkey!!! and at first i was wondering why we didn't have the singing cross this year, but then later on, the coloured lights shone through the white veil-background and there it was... the singing cross, outlined with red tubed christmas lights and highlighted with ever-changing coloured spotlights! it was beautiful!!! everyone clapped when the singing cross was uncovered... i don't know about yesterday, but tonight's response was really good compared with last year's (i think...)

reading the left behind series has made me feel kind of scared and urgently looking out for signs of the days nearing rapture. i just finished reading the first four books... the first three were exciting and made me feel kind of sad, but the fourth book had some humour in it. especially the character ken, buck's pilot... he's always talking nonsense (like i do...) and lightening up the situation... very cute stuff he says...

now i'm reading "the secret diary of adrian mole aged 13 and 3/4". i bought "3 in a pack" sue townsend books for rm69.90 from popular bookstore in ikano... the 3 titles are the abovesaid, "the growing pains of adrian mole" and "adrian mole: the cappuccino years". it's funny to read about adrian mole's ignorance and innocence. it's abit like "the curious incident of the dog in the night time" or maybe it's the other way round (since the former was from the 80's whereas the latter is still quite recent). anyway, after finishing this, i'll countinue the left behind series book 5 & 6 (btw, these books are borrowed from ah yee...)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Nice blue skirt...

went to megamall today. got stuck in massive jam everywhere. in the carpark, car died many times... suspect engine over-heating. finally had to fight for a parking place.

went to dome for lunch. prawns in my creamy seafood pasta were not fresh. cranberry cooler was refreshing. walked around in metrojaya. saw nice clothes but they couldn't fit me. aunt bought a play thing a.k.a bolster for zack.

cousin played racing computer game in concourse area of mall. went to guess, elle, etc. i was looking for a short skirt... the kind with pleates all around... didn't find any to my liking or that could fit me well. finally bought one blue floral skirt from voir. normally i can't find anything nice there... but this skirt is just so sweet! and it matches prodigiously with my miss selfridge top!!!

after that, met up with LK. had dinner at esquire kitchen with LK, mum and aunt. went back after dinner.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Praise the Lord!!! He is the God of miracles!!!

on friday, nisha told me that the radio had announced that the stpm results were coming out on monday... becca and i weren't too sure about that since it wasn't in black and white... so i texted mr. jp for confirmation and his reply was "YES"... so i started panicking and messaging all my stpm friends... on saturday, it was in the newspapers... on sunday, nisha, becca, cindy, wendy and i met up at starbucks s.a for a late drink... we talked about so much stuff... religion and sociology, books and china, etc. and when we came to the topic of stpm, i started getting more and more anxious... somehow, talking it out created the butterflies in my stomach... so i suffered mental agony until monday.

i reached school at about 11.30a.m... as i walked through the rough gravel grounds near the badminton court of my school, i prayed fervently for a miracle and a calm composure... i didn't want to come early because then everyone would be there to witness my reaction and i couldn't come early because mom had to send the car in for respraying at 10a.m (which she only did at 11a.m!?!) so when i got to the hall, i saw a couple of classmates around and i headed to the u6s1 booth manned by our school counsellor (mr. jp was vacationing in p. redang). however, debbie was there getting some advice... so i just waited around and then i saw andrea... so i started chatting with her (catching up with old times) while my hands were practically trembling... after about 10 minutes or so (it seemed longer though...) i finally got my results... and at first i just looked at the paper and went blank (not understanding anything that was on it...) then i heard someone say "... so many A's wan?"(coz some of my friends, presumably my shah alam friends, were grouping around me...) ... only then did my brain start functioning properly... and the first words i heard coming forth from my mouth was " Thank God!!!" (and the rest of what i said, i can't remember...) ... as i looked through my results slip again, i mentally confirmed with myself that what was i saw before me was true!!! i MUST say that i had obtained results so much better than what i had expected (although to some people, it might not seem like much to hoo-haa about... but this is my experience and my blog and therefore i have unlimited access to express my delight here... hehehehe... so bear with me ok?) ... it was totally a miracle from God!!! there's nothing like the joy you feel when God pleasantly surprises you with His miracle gifts!!! i felt the same when i took my spm results... and so after that, i did abit of Q&A with the counsellor, a little phoning around, photostating my slip and getting them certified, waiting around... and finally mom and i went to ah yee's house... where we ate nasi lemak... i received a huge "ang pau" from ah yee and uncle leong, and i watched some tv and read "left behind" book 3 while they went out for a hair do... it rained quite heavily... went to 1u later and met LK there.

anyway, since this testimony is getting a little lengthy (and it's getting abit late to be typing stuff now...), i'll just finish this narative here by putting up my results (although it might not be good enough for the course i want, but i still can't believe that i got what i got!!!)

General Paper A-
Mathematics T A- (i left out #1 of paper 1!!! was so sad about that!)
Physics B (left out about 2 whole structured questions and wrote the wrong equations and drew the wrong optics diagram!!!)
Chemistry B+ (only answered about half of each essay question...)
Biology A-

Hot dog on the rampage...

it's been awhile since my last post and frankly speaking, this is kind of getting very tiring!!! anyway, the newest addition to our home (besides the unknown births of pests and wild cats...) is zack (or is it zach? short form for zachariah? zachary? zig zack? whatever...). he's my cousin's dobermann pinscher (couldn't keep the dog because of condominium rules... but they're waiting for their new house)... i really don't know what is the dog's problem but he's super hyperactive and super horny!!! too much energy for such a little dog! and he's always so hot... even his velvety ears are always hot... maybe he's always so excited that his blood is always churning in his veins... well, he keeps on stealing our shoes and we can't catch him and that's just so d*** infuriating!!! he ruined one of my favourite shoes!!! and the greedy bugger wants to eat anything that goes into our mouths... even medication!!! and i've never seen such a busybody a.k.a kpc (ke-po-chi) dog before... he puts his whole head into your handbag/plastic bag/etc and riffles through its contents and steals candy and tissue paper... once, he stole a packet of 'fisherman's friend' lozenges!!! is he psycho or what? and he's so black that i always fail to see him sitting on our black sofa until it's too late... plus he keeps on dashing into my room (prohibited area for him)!!! jumping into any open car, climbing up the staircase and jumping like his legs were made of springs!!! i can't even do my work because he keeps stepping on it and bugging us with his wet nose! and even when you whack him (and he "terpelanting") he still doesn't know he's doing wrong ... instead he gives us this really big instigating grin! oh yea, and he has an extra right k-9 tooth! and we can't make too much movement because he follows us everywhere... it's just like that sting song "... every breath you take... every move you make... every bond you break... every step you take... i'll be watching you..." stalker psycho hyper dog...

but on a more pleasant note, it's been awhile since we had a dog... about 1 year or more... and sometimes when zack turns docile (automatic reaction when we start stroking his velvety wattle... skin under his neck) he's quite nice to pat (but nothing compared to the luxuriant curly fur of Dolly my darling late poodle) and nice to kiss... and we get to see his peculiar antics which are quite entertaining at times...

conclusion is... his bad points override his good traits... we'll be keeping him until my cousin's house is built...