Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bloody Week

Fear is something very strange. The silliest things can cause a strong giant to cower. Phobia can make the most rational person do the most unthinkable acts.

The root of fear is the unknown.

And one of my all time fears is being poked with a needle. It is a very minor procedure but for some reason I really really dread it. It's been so bad that until now, I still do not know my blood type.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Funeral and Rebirth

How time flies. I still feel like an infant in my spiritual walk, although it has been over 10 years since I was saved. Today marks an important milestone in my faith. My 'funeral' and rebirth. My public proclamation that I am a follower of Christ and am taking a step of obedience in His commands.

Today was my water baptism. Something that I'd been putting off for way too long. So many excuses. A couple of failed attempts. Many promptings from the Holy Spirit and through various individuals throughout the years. But the culmination of it all is today. Ready as I am.

Although I started out having companions in this journey, when the day approached - I was the only one taking the leap. I was a little disappointed at first, but in a way it was a good thing too. I truly know now that I took this step because I wanted to do so and not because it was just to jump on the bandwagon.

Despite the not too favourable timing of my baptism event, I am touched that the family and friends who mattered came out to support me (in person and through online streaming continents away). Although this is a personal journey, I believe having the people I care about witness my symbolic 'watery death' and rebirth would hold me accountable to the lifetime commitment I have chosen to take on.

Praise God for Year 2013! This year I have had much of Your blessings and presence in my life. Without Your gentle pushes, I would not have grown as much as I have in these two years. I am truly Yours now. I have decided to follow Jesus. I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Le Tour de KL on Hari Raya

I've come to realise that as an urban dweller, I know very little about the nearest biggest city - Kuala Lumpur. When visitors ask for recommendations of places to visit, it's pretty sad that I myself have not been to most of the tourist spots in KL. In light of this shortcoming, we have endeavored to bring ourselves to self-enlightenment. Last year, we explored Batu Caves and Thean Hou Temple. This year, we were a little more kiasu - trying to pack in as many attractions as possible in a day but alas, the body wasn't willing!

Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden) - The longest zebra crossing I've ever seen!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Of Typos & Autocorrects

Typing fast is one thing. Typing accurately is another thing altogether. I think most of us can list typing as one of the integral processes encountered in our daily lives - be it for work, replying an SMS or chatting with a friend. Whether we type on a QWERTY chicklet keyboard or on a touch screen - the feel is different but the outcome is the same.

In my many years affair with typing, I've realised that I, myself am prone to several specific typo/autocorrect errors, which is really annoying but hilarious when I read them back. The top three that I always end up making are as below:-

 What it's meant to be
Selamat Datang

Selamat Dating [English: Happy dating]
Best regards
Best retards
Best reagents

Malausia [Chinese: monkey-sia]

Boohoohoo! ;)