Monday, January 31, 2005

shopaholic & sister!!!

ahh... i've finished reading shopaholic & sister!!! i started on it on friday night and was done on sunday evening! really good! hilarious!!! i think it is even better than the 2 previous ones... but i still like confessions of a shopaholic best... anyway, since i had to bring the book along when i went out... which was often... my poor book is a little battered already...

ok, i'd better go to sleep now... will be starting work tomorrow again... can't wait for holiday... what should i read next? maybe i should finish reading all my science books... "a brief history of time" and "mendeleyev's dream"... oh gosh, and that bulfinch's greek mythology book i've been trying to finish since forever!!! imagine, i even hunted down bulfinch's other mythology book (which is unfortunately out of print) at the second-hand bookstores!!! i've got to get new book racks!!! i keep forgetting that i still have tons of unread books in store... alice in wonderland books, rudyard kipling's books, mary shelley's books, l.m.montgomery's books, george elliot's books, a christmas carol, robert frost's poems, phantom of the opera (which i have 2 copies!), ernest hemingway's books, jane austen's history of england... to name a few... oh yeah, and bobby greyfriars... the first classic literature book i bought (and still have not finished)!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

why is this day any better than the next?

somehow when we celebrate someone's birthday, it's fun but when it's our own, it's just plain awkward! well, as of today, i'm no longer a teenager... doesn't that sound so grown up? :( anyway i hope nothing much will change...

this year is pretty different from the past years... on sunday, a bunch of us (form 6 friends) got together at pyramid to celebrate jac's belated birthday but turns out, they were celebrating my birthday too... weird man!!! anyway there was a chocolate cake to share between us and quite a few really cute presents!!!... and later we went to see bridget jones... really funny!!! although... it seemed like jac and i were the only ones who actually got every punch line of the movie... we really laughed our heads off!!! and i was pleasantly surprised that they used the darkness' "i believe in a thing called love" to spice up the pretty awkward fight scene between hugh grant and colin firth!

tuesday was a public holiday... and i spent most of the day at home watching movies... cruel intension (ryan phillipe is so cute!) and the 25th hour (normally i'd skip these kind of shows but this was pretty cool...) so later we went to 1utama n i had a hot chocolate (coz i'm still sick...) at starbucks, did some shopping and marketing, met BY and her friend buying tuna!!!hahahaha... and later on met up with the hyperactive-chatter-boxers at starbucks shah alam... i had another hot chocolate and those darling girls got me a chocolate sponge cake with fruits on it (i dunno what's its name but it looked so pretty!) and we had quite a rough time lighting the candles (2 big ones... :Þ)... and becks had to rush off with her bf to her easter meeting... without any cake... :( but the rest of us had quite a good talk... as always! :) oh yeah... and i found out nisha drove there!!! yahoo!!!

although i'm the newest employee... i have the earliest birthday and it doesn't coincide with any other teachers' birthday... so, my boss bought me a secret recipe chocolate mud cake (which tasted so.....good!!!) and everyone sang the birthday anthem... so malu la... and later mom took us out for lunch at the kopitiam in sunway... and after that we headed down to 1utama (yet again) to meet aunties... had a drink at dome... nice apple snapple... coughed later... received many wonderful sms...

well i must mention that earlier on in the month, i'd received cards from grandma and ah yee... with a nice surprise in it... and a wonderful copy of "shopaholic and sister" (which i nearly bought when i was purchasing "a walk to remember"!!!) from a couple of hyperactive-chatter-boxers!!! :) ...these people can actually read my mind!?! (i hope not everything!) anyway, i can't help noticing that i really have been eating and drinking alot of chocolate stuffs lately!!! weird... is it just coincidence or my subconsciousness taking over?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

what happened to my memory cells!!!

i'm currently sniffling with a sore throat as i type this! i can't believe that i can get flu twice within a month! what's up with my immune system? where's all the T/B memory cells generated from the 1st infection gone to? gee... maybe this time a different strain of virus has infected me... so depressing! btw, i got it from my mom... and people say that i infected her(from my 1st flu attack...)!!!

anyway, i had a horrible asthma attack just now... and no one to take me to the doctor!!! my ventolin inhaler didn't work at all!!! so i had to drag myself downstairs to look for the ventolin tablets in the fridge... luckily i still had 5 tablets left... then i took one and waited... praying and trying to breath... and waited... tried to get my mind off the difficulty in breathing by reading pride and prejudice... and finally after like 20 minutes or so... breathing started getting easier... thank God!!! i realised that the bbc version of p&p is quite close to the book!

i read "a walk to remember" again... i can't help noticing the vast difference between the movie and the book! i mean the book is set in a totally different era, landon's dad is a congressman and they're super rich and his parents aren't divorced... and there's at least 20 different things i could list out here... but i won't because it's just pointless...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Finally friday!

ok, i've been working for a week plus and though it doesn't really feel like working, but i'm glad anyway that the weekend's here! now i can have my late nights again... hmmm... i dunno why i've been so broke since stpm... so many birthdays and outings i guess... and oh no! i still owe my bro more than rm100!!! should i take care of outstanding debts first or buy a ticket for the harry connick jr. & mpo concert? ;Þ oh, today i found out that sting's concert is from his sacred love album... don't really fancy that one... plus, is chris botti going to be touring with him?

i was looking through my certs today (to give copies of my academic certs to my boss... formality) and i came across my mensa test results letter... i wonder whether they'll still take me in as a member... since i took the MAT in may 2004 and did not promptly join them as a mensan... however, i just emailed them. i pray they'll accept me without making me take the test again!!!

ok... it's 3 something already... i'd better go to sleep now... i need to purge this bum attitude of mine and wake up early and hopefully dig my way to the piano and relearn how to play piano today!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King!

i remembered mr jp was quoting this to us in class... today i read about it in this book called Mendeleyev's Dream! and the quote "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" was quoted by erasmus.... hmmm... interesting!!! it is believed that this phrase has some relevence to paracelsus, a guy who has some part in iatrochemistry... go figure... this book is interesting but really hard to remember... anyway, paracelsus cured erasmus of gout and painful kidney complaints... this was the time when there were only alchemy and herbal cures... no chemistry and modern medicine!!! well, before i bore everyone, let me end here and go to bed...

Beating round the bush...

Well, let me tell u how this blog came into existence. i was trying to view terry's blog and as usual, i got all tangled up in this task and ended up signing up for a blog... oh well, since that's done... i'll just have to keep it going... gosh, i think computers are allergic to me!!! i seriously got to take some counselling sessions with my comp! u know, our relationship is actually so bad that i'd sometimes have to hit the cpu in order for it to start up... anyway, i'm really thankful i have a comp with internet connection instead of none...