Monday, October 20, 2008

Mac OS is Just So Visually Pleasing to Use

maybe it's just me being petty, but i feel so cool and comfortable when using Mac OS. all the graphics are smooth, not too crisp with a slight shadow behind each window and smooth gradient colours everywhere! and when you hover your cursor over a button, it glows lightly and fading when the cursor is moved away. aaahhh!!! and the program icons! even open source softwares have nicely designed icons using great colours and playing around with gradients and shadows. i'm wondering whether the developers/designers create better looking icons for macs than windows or it's because the OS makes everything look nice? hahaha

anyway, the reason i've posted the photo above is to point out something i've just only noticed... an incredible detail i've missed all this while. notice that the 'page load error' pop-up comes out from a slit in the grey part of the browser. it's so adorable... looks like the cd drive slit on a macbook! the pop-up slides out from the slit and dissappears when an option in the pop-up window is selected. such detail! who'd think of that?

i think i am "terlalu mengagungkan" apple products... infatuation? probably...

Friday, October 17, 2008


i've completed my work and still have about 1 hour to go before i can leave (which is after doing the asian stock market closing). i was listening to mp3s on my hp, where the ear buds really shuts all the noise out from the surroundings, while working on the computer when i kept feeling vibrations from the table. at first i thought it was my handphone vibrating or the disc drive playing a disc... but then i remembered that if my phone were to ring, i'd hear it from my ear buds... and i was not using the disc drive... so then i took off my ear buds and found that the vibrations were caused by fierce thunder resonating my table! i hadn't realised that it was raining heavily outside...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Swatting Flies In Office

my office has been really empty this week as half of the staff are out settling problems and going for meetings. that leaves 3 of us left in the office most of the time. today, there's only two of us here. i feel lonely and actually fell asleep for a few minutes after lunch. i woke up with a mild case of heart palpitation... maybe due to fear of being found out? but as one colleague says, it is ok to have a short nap...

somehow, 2 large flies have found their way into the office yesterday afternoon and has been plaguing me all morning today. i've been literally swatting flies (which can also double up as an expression of my boredom) with the newspaper or anything nearby. however, as you know, flies have multiple eyes which gives it 360 degree view of its surroundings and so the task proved to be harder than it sounds. a few minutes ago, one of the stupid flies kept attacking me - going at my head, face, pen, laptop, mouse, etc... and as i was trying to shoo it away from my face with my right hand, it got trapped between my middle finger and ring finger... my unexpected victory was met with an impulsive thought of how much bacteria are found on a fly... i nearly puked, but got myself together and tried pulling its wings off, but it kept buzzing so i had to dispose of the fellow by pounding him between layers of a tissue paper...

please excuse my narrative of the disposal of a fly, it may seem inhumane but a fly is a pest and are far from extinction (at least this species... since i see them in abundance in markets and garbage bins). anyway, it's one down... one more to go... the other fugitive fly seem to have disappeared!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Clearing Dead Flowers

it's embarrassing but i'd only worked up the effort to dismantle my graduation flower bouquets yesterday and throw the dead flora away. the wilting blossoms in brightly coloured florist paper had been sitting in the kitchen for exactly 2 months... it was starting to give out that herbaceous smell of drying leaves...

i know that usually people just throw the whole bouquet away after a week, but i had to take out the graduation bears and removed some of the papers (to be used in some future scrapbooking or art & craft attempts)... yes, i'm a hoarder of all sorts of craft supplies!

anyway, the reason for this sudden burst of positive energy in clearing up the house comes at the usual time of the month where i'll get very hardworking and will go the extra mile to get thing done. i find that i do better on exams when it falls around this time of the month. it's because i'll be in the mood to write and thus, my answers will be better phrased... although nothing can help me if the facts are wrong, but at least if they are correct and nicely phrased, the examiner will be in a better mood and may be more lenient! at least that's what i hope...

this also explains why there's 2 posts for today.

Interesting Numbers

i just noticed as i was adding the forex that today's foreign exchange for 100 saudi riyal was RM90.210... get it? 90210... beverly hills 90210... the popoular tv series in the 1990s. but of course 90210 is only the post code or zip code...

i don't know why but i seem to always notice numbers and try to make sense of them... like while trying to remember where we parked the car, i'll try to turn the parking lot number into something that i find interesting. sometimes it's abit annoying when i can't make the numbers into anything but the numbers itself and so, i 'll just write it down somewhere.

another weird numbers thing i've come to notice is that i always seem to see 12.34 on my handphone clock, astro decoder clock, car clock or any digital time piece... somehow, i always manage to unwittingly check the time at 12.34, be it in the morning or night. the most common is after church on sunday and if i'm using the computer at night.

unfortunately, i really can't remember numbers when there is a need to remember them. i'm only good for remembering redundant numbers where there's no importance in recalling them. it's just weird how the brain works.