Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Causes Browning?

"Bake till golden brown" is something commonly found in cookbook instructions. But what does that actually mean?
golden brown maillard
Crust lover or hater?
I remember while growing up, we used to fight over the cake crusts - especially when mom was making black forest cakes for order. She would apportion the unwanted crusts to appease us and sometimes cut a little extra cake with the crusts.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lunar New Year 2015

A little late, but Blessed Lunar New Year to everyone!

Lunar New Year card
My Goat card for you! Only 10 hardcopies for distribution to closer relations and friends

It's already Day 5 of the Lunar New Year festivities and Days 1 to 4 were filled with family reunions and random meetups with friends. It's been a mix of laughter and awkward moments, eating and well, more eating. Festive seasons always leave this kind of mixed impressions and a topsy turvy tummy.

Again, my greeting card came out pretty late. This time I made 10 and still have yet to deliver two of them. Thinking of ideas to suit the current zodiac year is getting harder and harder. This time around my card looks pretty kiddish, but it was the brightest and cutest I could think of in between of all the rushing.