Sunday, December 31, 2006

Boring days = Holidays

mr. hide and seek lizard has mysteriously disappeared. i wonder whether he got bored of me or he'd met his demise in some way which will never be known to me... i noticed his absence after getting back from genting...

so, genting was quite boring... we didn't know what to do so we spent the 1st day walking around the shopping area, which was redundant since kl/pj shops are in a whole other league above almost anywhere in malaysia. however, we did enter the casino... to get free hot milo!!! hahaha.. i think that must've sound so stupid... but none of us actually knew how to gamble... and we were of age to enter... although we did have to show our i.c. before entering, and one of the guards thought my friend was my mum... kakaka... after that she was like "do i look so old?" anyway, we ended the day by studying our respective books (YC-mina no nihonggo, BY-some JLPT level 4 book, and me-cima c4) in our room.

2nd day was better, although we woke up really late and only left the room after midday. we went bowling - where i really sucked at it and only striked like twice in 2 games... so malu-fying!!! then YC and BY went rock climbing... i didn't dare to because it looked scary and my arms were still hurting from lugging my luggage bag around the previous day. after that we played some arcade games and archery. archery was really tiring for my arms (since i don't really have much muscles and never exercise!!!) and since it was near closing time, the instructors/staff kept helping us out (so we could finish early and they could close up, i think). anyway, we ended the 2nd day by sitting in starbucks studying till 2am...

both days were raining and so it was really damp and cold whenever we went outside. we tried taking pictures in the misty night... this is one i took with my camera phone with a faint starbucks coffee sign in the background.

the journey home was such a misfortune. the cable car stopped for awhile when we were halfway on our journey down. then there were no available buses for us till 4pm, so we had to wait for more than 2 hours in the dingy bus station. our bus driver was a maniac racing down the winding roads making both my friends sick to the stomach. at kl sentral, putra lrt was down and so we were stranded there. after having a bite at secret recipe, we managed to take a train to taman jaya and from there everything was ok.

i managed to go for our church's christmas service in putra stadium. it was nice with lots of dancing. at night we had a family reunion dinner and LK and i followed a cousin to a catholic midnight mass in assumption church. we had to sit outside the overflow hall and so, had difficulty seeing the screen and hearing what was going on. plus this was the first time i've been to a midnight mass and so i have no idea what was going on and why we had to sit and stand numerous times. but it's very different from what i experience in my church. maybe next time i should go with someone who could actually explain to me what the rituals symbolises etc.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hide and Seek lizard

apparently, i'm in a hide-and-seek game with a very tricky lizard. this little reptile has been popping his head out from under the 3-seater sofa all night since i started working on my comp. this is all the dog's fault... if we didn't have a spoilt mutt which only eats when he feels like it (so his dinner has to be kept out for him until we go to bed), we'd have our pests under control.

anyway, this sneaky lizard has tried to out-smart me by popping out at different points from under the sofa. he discovered this trick when he figured that i had learned his routine and could predict where and when was his next scheduled attack.

hmm... somehow i think this cunning scaley fiend is more interested on beating me by creeping out unnoticed (by me) than actually stealing the dog's food!!! he's been trying countless times without any success so far... although he had a few near misses where he managed to creep out full body rather than just his head. the more attempts he makes, the more bold he becomes and is not easily cowwed by a flick of my hand.

unfortunately for me, he'll be having the run of the house in less than an hour's time as i have to catch some shuteye now. so mr. lizard, you win this round!!! i have a feeling we'll get a rematch for this out-smarting hide-and-seek game in the near future!

p.s: come to think of it, this lizard could very well be a female (since it is said by SOME people that females are more cunning...). if that's the case, then it'll have to be addressed as ms. lizard!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Encounter of the turd kind...

lately, i've been having alot of shit problems. and when i say shit, i literally mean shit! it started off when i went for a uni friend's party after my exams and i must've ate something wrong there because the next morning (which was coincidentally sunday) i felt so horrible with indigestion and that kind of feeling where you need to go but you just can't!!! at lunch, i kept feeling like vomitting but i tried to get my mind of that idea because vomitting is such a traumatic experience for me (always has been... but thinking back, i think vomitting then would have saved me so much pain). later into the evening, with no sign of any shit i started running a fever and my body ached everywhere... my theory behind this is that my body was full of toxic stuff but since there was no outlet for it, the toxic manifested into fever and body aches (whether this is logical or even right, i really have no idea)... anyway, the shit started pouring in the wee hours of monday morning. i was quite relieved but i kept having to hop into the loo every few minutes because it just wouldn't stop... my stomach, or rather big intestines, kept churning out liquified faeces with lots of air pockets. i could actually feel my intestines contracting and the air bubbles of various volumes travelling upwards (vapour pressure and gravity...)... i felt like a water dispenser... the ones with an inverted plastic water container on top of a dispenser with a tap...

this kept on for almost 2 days with no sign of the shit consistency getting any thicker than water. it wasn't energy-draining like all the other times i've had food poisoning, but i was geting concerned since there wasn't much improvement happening. so i went to see a doctor and he didn't even examine me and prescribed oral rehydration salts and some small green pills. the problem was that everytime i sipped the rehydration salt drink, it would make my stomach churn... so i stopped taking it and took the green pill. i think it helped to partially solidify the s**t. anyway, everything returned to a reasonable normal state after a week.

my 2nd turd encounter was early wednesday morning just outside my house gates... some inconsiderate cat had emptied its bowels right in front of the gate and burried it in sand. not seeing the turd and rushing to mum's holiday class, i stepped on it unknowingly! i didn't know i'd stepped on it till we started smelling something that smelled like vomit in the car. at first we thought that one of the kids had vomitted or stepped on cat turd... but turns out i was the culprit!!! of course no one else except mum found out about this. when we reached the school, i had to lock myself in the toilet and scrape off the s**t from my shoe heel using a wad of tissue... i nearly vomitted myself, from seeing it, the smell and the idea of the whole thing! i hate cats!!!!

after my food poisoning incident, it seems like the whole family is getting diarrhoea in turns. first was dad, but his wasn't too serious... then a couple of weeks later LK got it... and he still has it... it sounds quite bad and he also has the fever thing. mum just had it early this week but she's on her way to recovery...

this makes me think that there's probably something that's causing this problem in my house... i'm thinking it's got something to do with the mouldy wooden chopstick in the kitchen... probably it's some kind of aspergillus which spores may have settled on some utensils and its toxicity is causing the fever and diarrhoea... so now whenever i want to eat/drink, i wash the utensils thoroughly first.