Monday, January 09, 2006

Will I get to see Dream Theater Live?

i totally forgot to mention this... the progressive rock band dream theater are coming to singapore!!! at first i thought they were coming on the 28th of january and for some reason, i kept thinking that the 28th was a friday!!! something wrong with my eyesight!?! and at first i was hopeful... since i didn't have class on friday and i wouldn't be missing 1st day of cny... then i heard it was on the 27th... and still being blur, i thought that was a thursday and started despairing... had classes and a test... but then the test moved up to 26th (sad la... my special day in the year and i have to sit for test!) and i was hopeful again... but not too positive since i still had classes on that day... then today half way through service, i suddenly felt that i'd got something wrong... and after thinking hard about the dates and doing mental counting... i found out that all along i'd got the dates and days all mixed up!!! 27th was a friday... 28th was cny eve and 29th was cny! yahooo.... yipppieeee! so now i'm really hopeful of going to singapore... all i have to do now is renew my passport and push LK into going for it! hehehe... evil plan has already commenced... will i go or not... that is totally unbeknownst to me or anyone...

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