Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wiry Mess On My Desk

This here is a snapshot of my desk, taken last week. I don't have much on my table but this mess of cables are unavoidable daily messes which I clear up at the end of each day. As you can see, there are 6 different cables here - phone cable, telephone receiver cable, laptop power cord, LAN cable, mouse cable and iPod earphones!

Although it doesn't look it, my desk is the neatest in the office! hahaha Believe it or not!

P.S: I have caught the blogging bug again. I started out (with the previous post) as a means of therapy to simmer away my negative emotions which had been building up since last night (one poor person sensed a bit of my snappiness while I was composing the post, I had to apologise... haha). Oh, and I discovered I don't need to type out rants to feel better, I just need to focus on writing and eventually feel much better! Aahhh, blogging therapy for dissipating anger!

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