Saturday, June 06, 2009

Photos I Took When I Had Nothing Better To Do!

Yes, the blogging bug has really bit me this time. I'm back with another post. And this time, it involves uploading photos!!! (That's quite a rare occasion on this blog - author is just too lazy to take photos and transfer them to her laptop and upload them on a lousy Streamyx connection!).

This, I took on Friday. I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and this is what I saw in front of me - a trailer carrying OLD cars! I'm guessing these cars were the result of the government's recent (this year) policy of providing a RM5,000 rebate for car owners of 'more than 10 years old but in good condition' cars who chose to upgrade to a new locally-made car.

This, I took on Thursday. It's called Bamboo Cooler (from The Zoo in SS15). It has 'biji selasih' and cucumber shreds in it, which kind of reminded me of a pond with some tall grass-looking plants and frog eggs nestling in between the blade (Let it be known that I'm not trying to sound disgusting). The taste was ok - slightly sweet pandan flavoured drink. But it served its purpose of cooling my tongue down after the spicy Peanut Hunt mee.

This, I took last week while driving to work. The roads were pretty clear due to the school holidays (and me leaving home later than usual). It is not a common sight to see helicopter practice sessions around this area. However I saw this for 2-3 days - a bigger flying machine (mama helicopter) followed by 5 smaller helicopters in a straight line cruising the skies.

This I took while waiting in line to pay the toll on my way to office. Yes, I kind of look everywhere while waiting in my car (besides singing Hillsong songs loudly to myself!). The birds just love to perch on the roof of the toll collection booths! There are 12 here in this picture. There were more before, but I was too slow to capture those shots!

This, I took while I was too bored waiting for my lunch order. Love in a napkin. Love is all around! (haha, I don't believe that... at least for my case la!)

Ah, this I took quite a while ago while driving home after work! I'm not sure whether the sign is still up (at this time). I guess the project is not such a "prestigious" one after all! haha... My colleague was telling me to send this photo to Emkay, notifying them of their typo error (to avoid their further humiliation) but I'm not one to do that... so, the photo just rested in my hp for many months!

This photo of a mange cat with a mouse in his mouth was taken at a restaurant near my office. I did not notice it until my colleague was squeeling with irk at the sight! hahaha... that feline was just walking coolly and calmly with a dead rodent in its jaws (in an eatery, mind you!)

This is the grouper fish Mum was preparing for sweet and sour fish! When spread out like this, it's eyes look so crossed and angry, while the lips look like a blubber butt KPC (kay po chi) lips! On the other hand, the completed dish was great! Yummy!

Here is one with Zack feeling too cold. It's funny how he knows how to do such things. I mean, where did he learn to hide under the sofa's throw rug and how did her figure out how to push open a door!?!

This one was taken ages ago! The cat was my aunt's neighbour's cat and it wore a talisman! Kind of freaky (to me)! But it was so playful - did not mind mom toeing it! hahaha (Disclaimer: no animal mistreatment occurred before, during or after capturing this photo)

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