Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Say A Little Prayer

Today I shall try to compose a happy post (although my heart doesn't feel like it). So... let's see... what happy things should I blog about today?

I guess the happiest thing lately is meeting up with the girls (hyperactive chatterboxes)! It was wonderful to have 3 meet ups with different members of the clique within a time frame of a month or so. Somehow, I always feel refreshed after meeting them. And then I realise how much I miss them and how diverse a group we actually are! I pray that we will remain in contact until our grey hairs outnumber our black hairs and when all we talk about would be our grand kids and not our crushes (like now)!

Thinking back, I thank God for putting me in a Shah Alam school among God-fearing friends. You may say what you like about Shah Alam schools, but the fact is that it was a good environment for us to grow up in. All of us turned out alright! And the best part is that we have become a support group for each other, although we were at one time scattered all over the globe! Soon we'll be spread out in 3 different countries!

So here's a little prayer for our little group, the Hyperactive Chatterboxes:

Dear Lord,
Thank You for blessing me with the opportunity of knowing each and every member of our clique. And although some of us are of different faiths and beliefs, I'm in awe at how You have enabled us to set aside our differences and turned us into an emotional and, in many occasions, spiritual support system for each other!
I pray, Father, that You may continue to bless each one of us with joy in our lives, spiritual wisdom in our daily ins-and-outs, safety wherever we may land, success in all our endeavours and find favour with the people whom we happen to cross paths with!
In Jesus' name I pray,

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  1. =)))
    I said the prayer for us too! Its lovely!

    Hugss!! I miss the gang already!