Friday, June 12, 2009

Reacting To People

In continuation to my "Self Sabotage" post, I will now elaborate what effects certain people have on me. I don't know what causes me to react the way I react, but it just happens.

When I'm around knowledgeable people, I become dumb. I will ask the most basic questions which will get them talking. Then I will be agreeable and slip in little bits of my opinion here and there.

When I'm around smart alecs, I listen half-heartedly and point out their errors. If I'm in a good mood, I'll be agreeable and entertain them with questions probing for more information.

When I'm around goody-two-shoes people, I try my best to be a badass (which sometimes I go overboard with). I don't know why I keep trying to prove that I'm such an unsuitable friend to these people.

When I'm around badass people, I try not to sound too nerdy but always end up sounding like one without even trying.

When I'm around people who practice speaking good English, I do so too. Proper punctuation and grammar and spellings.

When I'm around Manglish speakers, my England becomes powderful!

When I'm around foreigners, my 'lah', 'meh', 'hor', 'wat' pours out unbidden.


  1. Rebecca8:24 AM


    that's a part of you i didn;t know.

    so when you are with us girls..which part of you do we see?

  2. can't you tell? I'm usually very quiet mar... so number 1 is the answer... you girls are knowledgeable people! ;)

  3. actually, im convinced at im in another category.. either the smart alec or the badass. hahah!