Monday, June 22, 2009

Making A Resolution

I'm back to my little self promises that I make to myself. This time it is to read the Holy Bible (as much as possible, I dare not challenge myself to set a goal of completing it!). The 'soft start' began late last week after I obtained a pdf version of the Bible. I say 'soft start' because at that time, I hadn't thought of committing part of my day to the reading. I had only decided to seriously start reading regularly over the weekend, when I realised that I'll be missing church service for about 2 months.

Why am I recording this in my blog post? I'm taking this as a form of 'black & white' proof to hold myself accountable to this 'self promise' I'm making. Somehow a promise always carry more weight when it is recorded down and is witnessed by more than one person. I tend to value it and honour the promise made.

However, in true tradition of SM, before the hatchling can take off, I've already broken my promise! I did not bring back my laptop today, and so I'm missing a reading session supposedly scheduled for now. I hope I can make up for it tomorrow.

Oh, the reason I did not bring my laptop home was because I went to watch a free screening of Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was good! Can you imagine how outdated I am! Oh, and again, today I realised how sometimes things just work out the way it does... although you may percieve it as something negative at first... there's always a reason for things to turn out the way it does if you look hard enough! :)

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  1. HELLO!

    Just wanted to drop by and say hi. And that the last bit of this particular post was quite encouraging, really. =)

    See you soon!

    And from here you can get to my blog - just in case you forgot. =P