Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Prayer Answered

I prayed for a sign
A sign He did grant me
I was not looking out for it
But the sign came in His timing
It was sudden, subtle and surprising
Left me with a little melancholy and wistfulness
Nevertheless, relieve and peace of mind washed over
It's funny how clear and silly things seem now in hindsight
How the mind complicates matters
Tricking itself into believing in the non-existent
But now all is clear and I can be myself again
Thanking God that this time, I thought before I spoke
Choosing to wait instead of blindly barging into things
Perhaps it was all in His plan
And now I can breath easy
Enjoying what comes my way!


  1. What sign?? for what?
    Update the girls!

  2. a sign... tell y'all in person la... hehe...