Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scratching the Itch

Why do I keep wanting to blog? Even when I have nothing to blog about! I guess this is what we call 'getting bitten by the blogging bug' - as mentioned in an earlier post. The ironic thing is that before this, there were many a times when this blog has had its drought season, sometimes spanning up to several months of inactivity! (which probably only I noticed). And then revived/resurrected from its virtual grave. (ah, isn't this a common phrase used here)

So, I started on this post earlier in the day - thinking that I would blog on the music I was listening to, Andrea Bocelli. Although I have something else on my mind, I think I will blog a little about music. I'm in the mood of collecting a diverse collection of music on my iPod. So currently I have pop, jazz, funk, rock, disco, classical, opera, pop rock, gospel, swing, progressive rock, country, folk, chinese, bhangra, R&B, world, glam rock, bossa nova, alternative, Brit rock, singer songwriter, latin, dance, blues, acid jazz, big band... next on my list is raiding LK's room for progressive rock.

Now, to the issue I had on mind. Today's lunch was a bit disturbing. I was the butt of the jokes. Thinking back, maybe I should have skipped it. Since I'd already predicted that 'someone' would fire all sorts of jokes about pairing me up with a 'certain person', whom we were celebrating his birthday. The worrying thing is that the jokes are becoming more degrading and suggestive, to a point where I feel uncomfortable. Most of the time, all I can do is look away, politely fake a smile or shake my head. Occasionally I would speak back, but that more than not always backfires. As usual, I'm always choosing the wrong words to say... giving a leeway for a brand new avenue of crude jokes.

Maybe I'm just being petty. I don't know what would be the appropriate actions to take in order to alleviate myself from this 'torture'. I've thought of quietly confronting this 'someone' about my discomfort of the issue, but thought better not to take such hasty actions that could jeopardise my future. Perhaps when I am on better terms with the 'certain person', I could voice out this issue and see whether he feels the same. However I doubt that he is as uneasy as I am, as he's probably gotten used to being treated as such over the years.

All I can do is pray that the 'someone' will realise his folly and quit putting me in a spot.

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