Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What We Call "Diarrhoea Mouth"

Note: I'm breaking my rule of becoming a hermit till my exams are done and over with, by writing this post. But I just had the urge to compose something...

The term 'diarrhoea mouth' was introduced to me by my aunt a couple of years back. I've never heard anyone else use it before, so perhaps it was something she coined or for some reason, it has not caught on (I tried Googling for it, with no satisfactory results that point to the meaning of this term).

Well, basically 'diarrhoea mouth' refers to someone who simply condemns a subject when he himself will be a partaker of the said subject. A common example would be someone who hurls insults at a particular food and ends up finishing the food till the last grain. So the term diarrhoea comes into play because this person is not selective of his words and all sort of rubbish comes out from his mouth, somewhat like the loose stool you get when you have a bad case of food poisoning.

In some cases, the phenomenon of 'diarrhoea mouth' may have undertones of sarcasm, meant to shoot out at one of the audience. An example would be, a very-soon-to-be-married guy watches Mrs World on Star World channel while expounding "it's a fact that ladies get fat after they get married!" and the silent listener thinks to herself, "Hmm, tough luck to you then... you're getting married next month! Since you believe that's a fact, then it will become a reality that you'll be facing in the very near future," and *smiles*.

So kids, moral of the story is "always think before you speak" because you don't want to show the brain constipation you're having through your diarrhoea mouth!

This is another community message from SM. Lets all work towards a better world!

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