Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Irritant

Let the one who's always asking others, "wanna die fast?", DIE first! It's very simple... in his very own words. And since you believe in karma, what goes around comes around. So watch out what you say, as it may bite you back in the butt any time.

If it's so bloody simple, then you can bloody well do it yourself and stop creating history of what you 'allegedly' (but DID NOT) say. Woe to you who put me in a spot for something I'm not in charge of and out of the blue give me shit because you feel like screwing some poor unsuspecting delivery guy.

To think that your supposed working experience in an MNC has not taught you to practice a little diplomacy and hone your EQ by not putting that 'accusing' tone on people when enquiring on something that was never expressedly stated in my job description. Bloody hell, I'm doing you a favour by giving you an answer already.

From now on, all civility on my part will be an act - just to get things done. No more genuine goodwill for you, you snake, who writhe on the ground and is only fit to eat dust!

P.S: Sorry, I'm very angry now. Will post something more pleasant when I cool down.

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