Monday, November 02, 2009

Good Sleep, Weird Dreams

I've been unconsciously having good sleeping habits for the past week or so (this due to my unsuccessful attempts at studying for Corporate Secretaryship and Corporate Governance) and the funny thing is that I've been having weird dreams almost every night! I can't recall half of the dreams, but one was about taking home an iPhone to try it out and in the end I gave it back because I didn't want to subscribe to the Maxis package. When I woke up, I was wondering whether it was a dream or reality, and when I realised it was all part of my lala-land, I was like "WTH???"

Another dream was about driving somewhere near Amcorp and I was turning at the traffic light when I heard something bump into me behind, but I carried on driving and in some magical way, I could see my car from the outside and that I had ran over a motorcyclist. I was horrified but then I started trying to rationalise the situation (while still in the dream) - how could I run over someone when the motorcyclist had knocked me from behind and I was moving forward? Well, that's when I woke up. And felt quite disoriented for quite some time.

The third dream that I partially remember was about me buying a Sony Ericsson cellphone. It was supposedly the latest model from the Walkman series but it looked quite similar to my current cellphone - strange! However, the stranger part was that the phone could be unfolded twice into something that was almost half an A4 paper size. I can't remember what that function was, but the cellphone could run on AA and AAA batteries too! At that point I started to feel that the cellphone was kind of outdated. However, I ended up bringing the phone back to the shop for a refund after discovering it lacked a feature - I think it didn't have a camera (or something). Anyway, the giveaway that it was all a dream was when I started thinking to myself - how could I buy a cellphone without researching on it first? And then I woke up.

There was another dream that involved a number of my friends (but I really can't remember who). Although I don't remember what the dream was about and the other details, but I know that those friends were from different cliques I've had and did not know each other. So how come they were so at home with each other?

Weird! I don't know what to make of all these 'dreams'. Is it even possible to interpret them? Well, to me, it all just seem like a bowl of crap. Hahaha... anyway, they're amusing as to how much emotion they stirred up and that I actually remember how I felt at that moment.

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