Sunday, May 31, 2009

Running In Circles

My impulsive signing up for the KL Marathon (10km) has made me a more 'active' person - going for jogs/walks on a weekly basis. The up side:

1. I've discovered that my leg muscles don't suffer from acute oxygen debts anymore. I used to get muscle fatigue for a week right after doing some exerting activities!
2. It has set a platform for a different kind of activity to do with friends (before, it was just hanging out in malls, eating, starbucks)
3. I've finally stepped foot in the TTDI park, which is the best so far (in terms of low air pollution, cleanliness, the type of crowd there)
4. I'm starting to make good use of my sportswear (e.g. the purple suede adidas shoes i bought in Singapore in 2006)
5. Zack and I have had a chance to bond. I take him out for walks/jogs around the playground, as companion and protection against some 'people' who are trying to be funny with me
6. I'm leading a healthier lifestyle?

The down side:
1. After discovering that my purple adidas shoes weren't running shoes, and feedback from a couple of friends found that improper shoes could harm my feet, I started on a hunt for running shoes. My requisites: running shoes (duh!), not too expensive, light, don't look like a dinosaur, visualy pleasing, proper brand
2. Multiple let downs because of cancelled jogging appointments
3. Knee pains as a result of overexertion (2 consecutive days of jogging)
4. Spending more money because after jogging with friends, we will adjourn to dinner

So, now to the tale of the photo of the shoes above. The pair on the left is my old shoes which I cought in Singapore 3 years back (I didn't realise it was the latest design at the time, I just liked the suede part and its colour). I'd only realise it was the latest when I saw a Channel [V] VJ wear it on tv... and a couple of months later I saw some guys wearing it (different colour, of course!) around the Klang Valley.

The pair on the right (0f the photo) is the new running shoes I just bought at the adidas warehouse sale this weekend. I googled it and found that its name is Epesi, under the Stella McCartney range of adidas shoes. I think it looks rather unique and its sparkly! However, my googling efforts has also yielded reviews which say that the shoe is not good for jogging (my bubble just burst! did you hear the "pop!"?). I'd been feeling so good ever since I bought the shoes until this hour when I read the review... Anyway, it cost only RM120 (which is cheap). At first I thought that the shoe was a size too small, but turns out my purple suede pair is the same size! Lucky thing I took the risk and bought it!

I'd seen another Stella McCartney running shoes at the warehouse sale on Saturday - viharunner. At first, it was the only choice left and I was hesitating because when I tried it on, the top part was abit too snug for my liking and well, the design and the size kind of made it abit elvish looking. It was black with some shining PVC strips with yellow lining. All because of the tightness, I decided not to get that shoe. Then walking around, I saw a pair (only ONE pair) of the silver epesi! When I tried it, it was looser (but fitted well) and since it was quite good looking, I decided to buy it! Now, I kind of regret not choosing the black shoes, because according to reviews, the viharunner is quite a good running shoes! :(

All in all, at least now I have a pair of running shoes to use. And I thank my crapping partner for telling me about the warehouse sale at the last minute on Friday (truely thank, NOT sarcastically).

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