Monday, May 18, 2009

Angry? Me? Nah...

Being a Narcissus, I randomly browsed back my previous posts and found that quite a few of them were written in an angry manner... which makes me wonder - whether I was actually an angry youth in denial all this while? The truth is I write best when I'm worked up with emotion, which manifest best in its most pungent form - anger! And yes, I do admit to getting angry quickly over small matters... which I thought nobody noticed (since I'm usually very quiet among strangers)... but apparently some people did notice, and I'm now labelled as a chili padi (bird's eye chili).

Anyway, the point of this post is that although I may appear to be angry in an unending string of posts, bear in mind of what was mentioned above - my state of mind and motivation when creating a post! Somehow happy moments never seem to stir up such intense emotions for me to turn on the computer, fight for the internet connection, then deal with the horrible streamyx connection, thinking up of how to start the post off, getting into the mood of writing, knowing when is enough and not becoming a word-overkill, figuring out how to wind up the post, avoid veering into another topic, then cracking my head for an appropriate title and finally clicking "PUBLISH POST"... in the event that streamyx fails me yet another time, the whole process needs to be repeated again (with less dexterity and obvious laclustre). So there you go... blogging is such a bother! I don't know why I continue to do it!! hahaha....

P.S: The reason I blog is this:
1) I get to express my feelings anonymously (maybe not my identity, but that of the persons whom I dislike/love) and therefore preventing me from going mad with pent up emotions
2) I get to flex my writing skills - improve, experiment and a good opportunity to use bombastic words which I can't use in daily writing and speaking (for fear of being stereotyped as a word nerd)
3) I get to put down into writing (or more appropriately classified as softcopy) my memories, thoughts and ideas so that they won't become extinct when I start forgetting (which is already occurring as I type this... hmm... what did I eat for dinner??)

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