Sunday, May 10, 2009

Profile Update

I've changed my profile picture from

monster zack (which was generated using one of the applications on zefrank's website) to

a hibiscus picture I took last year in Tanarimba Janda Baik during one our family weekend away in the mountains.

If you're looking for an explanation behind this picture choice, there isn't one... I just felt that Zacko's mirror image was getting a bit stale. After all, it's been there for a couple of years! There is no significance behind this hibiscus picture... I just used it because it looks nice and I can sleep in peace knowing that I will not stand a chance at being persecuted for copyright infringement!!

If you're asking why I don't post my own photo (of myself), it's because I'm just too damned ugly... hahaha... no, no... it's because I'm just too paranoid at disclosing a picture of ME! (although many of the people stopping by here would actually know how I look already... hehe)

I've also added an answer to a random question by in my profile. :0)

And it's quite embarrassing to admit that my blog template has not been perfected (although it's been months!)... I need to find the time to sit down and go through the CSS, adjusting it to see what effects take place. If YOU happen to know how to right the alignment problems in my blog template, please leave a comment! thanks!!

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