Friday, May 01, 2009

Setting Things Right

After sleeping on it, I think my last post may have contained some connotation that my perception of a fun person is one that drinks, do drugs and goes for blind dates etc. Honestly, I don't find much pleasure in those activities (personally). I'm a more laid-back person, preferring to go shopping, reading a good book, appreciating nature and aggravating Zack. However, I feel that what others decide to do in their free time is up to them - it is a matter of personal choice. I'm not one to judge, and I was just stating a preference, not a prescription. So just to set the record straight (for my dear friends/readers whom still drops by this site once a year or so), I've not had a 360 degrees change of heart and have not decided to turn wild! I just need a little change in my life, which I hope will be achieved by adopting the "in life, we must try everything at least once!" motto this year. (that phrase was stressed on by my STPM Chemistry teacher Mrs Tan, in our form 6 days)

What happened in the previous post was just another 'slip' moment of my blabber-mouth. I really need to practice putting a restraint on what I say. Recently, it has caused me to unwittingly step on some people's tails and have become a source of miscommunication. I'd thought that getting older would make me wiser... but it seems to be the opposite case for me! Anyway, every 'slip' has taught me how to handle the situation (damage control). I'm just hoping I'm not too forgetful to repeat the same mistake twice!

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