Sunday, May 24, 2009


The feeling of being replaced is sad and tiring. But the changes are taking effect gradually, so it's only wise to adapt to them. Starting with practicing how to distance oneself, to avoid being too emotionally dependent on certain relationships (three in particular, don't ask). Although 'no man is an island', this earth inhabitant has to start standing on her own two legs, swimming out to sea and finding a solitary island to inhabit. Only when true independence is achieved can one venture back for a visitation and appreciate the good that the new replacement has produced.

When one stops expecting, he or she will cease getting disappointed. But when there are no expectations, there is only numbness. Numbness to dull the singularity, the void. However, numbness isn't all too bad, it is like a buffering blanket which grants one with immunity from hurt. So embrace your numbness - it is your shield, your protection and weapon. It may be one's only earthly option to stay sane.

Note: Another set of ramblings. Looking too deep into simple situations of tom yam, waiting under tree and wishful thinking. It was good while it lasted. So now, what's left is to crumple this parchment up and throw it into the waste paper basket (figuratively speaking).

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