Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mobilising Lipids

I'm worried. There seems to be some itchiness developing around my eyes. It looks like the skin irritation I have around my lips (as a result of allergies to lipstick).

I can't help but wonder whether all these allergy emergence are linked to me starting to exercise? my clue: the timing (I seem to have a hidden talent to start new things/activities all at the wrong time, making the process of elimination a tricky task).

WARNING and disclaimer: none of the below should be taken seriously... it's just a bit of crap which I was thinking of (there is no basis to its truth or validity).

This is my theory (based on the limited and fast diminishing biochemistry knowledge painstakingly pursued in university). Could it be that my exercising (jogging) has caused my lipids (fats) to be mobilised, hence releasing the lipid-soluble toxins which may have been building up all these years in my body's fat storage? These 'released' toxins then trigger some allergic reaction in my body, producing histamine in excess and causing skin inflammation...

Ok, that might be a heap of crap... but if it has any truth to it, then I can theoretically cure myself by
1) exercising more, thus mobilising more fat and effectively detoxifying my body naturally the slow way
2) stop exercising, and thus stop lipid mobilisation which should the halt the supply of toxins which act as stimulants to the production of histamine

I've not decided what to do yet. However in the meantime, lipice and vaseline (plus many prayers from friends and family members) are helping me tremendously! Perhaps I'll stick with that! :D

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