Saturday, April 19, 2014

Onsen Tamago!

Still having the Japan hangover, today I decided to eat healthier (i.e. home-cooked) and try making onsen egg (soft boiled egg) in Japanese curry. Before I go further, here's the product:

curry onsen tamago brown rice
Japanese curry (House brand) with onsen tamago (egg) and lap cheong and brown rice

I rarely cook, so I'm not going to claim that I knew how to make onsen egg before today. I had to Google it and found this video on YouTube.

Basically, we need to add the room temperature eggs into boiling water (medium high heat) and time the boiling for 6 minutes and then remove the eggs and put them into an ice bath to quench the cooking of the eggs.

For the Japanese curry, I heated it up by boiling the packet in a pot of water (as per the pictorial instructions on the packaging) for 3 minutes and then it's ready for serving. I used the House brand (spiciness 5) which we bought from Don Quijote in Takadanobaba.

Anyway, you be the judge of whether my onsen egg was a success? Personally, I think I should shorten the boiling by 1 minute the next time around - I like the yolk more runny.

onsen tamago
Inside the onsen egg 

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