Saturday, October 03, 2009

Online Bible Study, Anyone?

I was reading past posts, back from the days before I started university, and found that I used to sound so kiddish! (maybe I still do... haha). It got me thinking - I used to mention full names in my posts, so this blog isn't as anonymous as I'd perceived it to be. Anyway, I'm not in the habit of going back into my archive and editing away the slips of information that I may have unwittingly leaked. So, que sera sera for whoever that discovers this blog and happens to guess who I am. I think I can rest assured that I did not flame anyone using their full name in the same post.

OK, moving on to the next topic. I've signed up for an online Bible study, where a study helper is assigned to you and he or she sends you lessons (from a fixed curriculum) via e-mail. I'm currently in my third lesson now. I've never seriously taken Bible study before (well, with the exception of that one short stint in UM, where I just could not concentrate on what my 'teacher' was teaching... feel bad for wasting her time). Anyway, what I was trying to get at here was that I find the WBS (World Bible School) lessons interesting - relevant to what I'm searching for. However the tougher part is the discussion questions, where I really need to evaluate what are my beliefs (and me not used to analysing my own heart) and searching for more understanding online. However the thing that I like about this is that I am not under pressure to memorise and answer the questions correctly within a short time frame. The time factor also allow me to phrase my questions properly before sending the reply e-mail.

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