Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In The News, Today

These are a couple of interesting articles I came across today. They may not be what you would categorise as 'Breaking news' or they may not even be written for today but nevertheless amusing (to me, at least!). Note: I've hyperlinked the Webpages I referred to at the beginning of each paragraph.

So, number 1: UK-based firm, Vicon, will be launching a camera that you can wear around your neck to record everything that you do in your life. The camera automatically takes photos every 30 seconds with an accelerometer and light sensors to detect when the user enters a new environment and an infrared sensor to detect body heat from a person in front of the wearer. I suppose these sensors will trigger the camera to capture a photo although it is not within its 30 seconds rhythm. Anyway, does this vaguely remind you of that movie Robin Williams starred in - The Final Cut? According to the article, this camera was originally invented to help Alzheimer's disease sufferers but could one day be used to create "lifelogs."

Numero duo: Can you imagine 14 hours of 'dikir barat', non-stop in a train journey from Singapore to Kelantan? I don't know about you, but I can just imagine the headache coming with each pounding of the drum. And in case you're wondering what 'dikir barat' is, it's a traditional Malay performance where there are two groups taking turns to sing, accompanied by instruments such as rebana and kompang, in response to each other. Yes, it is a culturally rich tradition, but 14 hours straight? Not forgetting the unfortunate few who suffer from motion sickness? I believe there is always a right time and place for everything and this here... hmmm... doesn't seem quite so (in my honest opinion and purely relying on my imagination of the situation).

Number three: Good news for shorter and plumper women! Apparently we, humans, are still evolving. Okay, that sounded cynical... But yes, I do think we are still evolving, just that evolution takes millions of years and so we don't get to witness visible results at the moment. And here comes the cliché phrase: "Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's non-existant" (or something along the lines). Anyway, the reason behind the good news - shorter and plumper women have healthier hearts and longer reproductive windows. These women tend to have more children on average than their taller, lighter counterparts. So according to the theory of natural selection, the more fertile individuals will succeed in passing down their genes and so, we will probably be seeing more shorter, plumper women walking the earth in the future! (OK, that last part was added by me just for the heck of it! haha) Yay, I'm short! And slowly leaning towards the plump side too... :P

Nombor empat: I'm referring here to the bottom half of the Webpage (not the upper half, although it might have proven to be a more spicy interesting topic to blog about... hehe). Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) is seeking an amendment to the National Language Act 1963 and the Education Act 1996 so that they can penalise private sector and agencies that fail to use Bahasa Malaysia in official dealings. It is also mentioned that these 'official dealings' include meetings, preparation of minutes and official functions. So does this mean secretaries have to start writing meeting minutes in BM? If so, I am going to die (if I decide to pursue a career in company secretaryship)! hahahaha... anyway wow! The DBP D-G said Bahasa Malaysia is ranked 5th in the world in terms of the number of speakers... Sure or not? tsk tsk tsk...

I admit it - I've just got bitten by the blogging bug again. 2 posts in a day! Wow!

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