Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm hungry

I'm hungry. I'm hungry for chocolate-coated digestives! No thanks to my MSN buddy who keeps talking about it! hahahaha... the temptation is too great! I seem to be hungry all the time, especially when trying to find food to write about in our cuisine news. Which reminds me, that I have not had the chance to satisfy my craving for escargot! Will need to take a rain check on that as I'm quite broke again... Where does my money all go to? That's the biggest mystery of all time!

Anyway, changing the topic, I downloaded Google Chrome yesterday (because Firefox was screwing up my Gmail logout process) and I've made it my default browser. It's nice, fast, smooth and I installed a skin - it looks cool! I don't mean to imply Firefox has lost its lustre, but I think we all should have some change from time to time and I'm just giving Chrome a try and so far, it's been good! However, I probably would switch back to Firefox in the near future because when a popup window loads new content, it doesn't jump out to the front of the screen, I have to select the browser to view the content. This makes my news compilation process to be a slightly more tedious task. And another thing is the tab title doesn't refresh for my company email account. So I'm always panicking when I see "Inbox (4)" when actually I had read all the 4 emails in the morning! Well, that's just some of my grouses, bearing in mind that I've only used Chrome for less than 24 hours.

Oh oh, and someone in Taiwan is trying to change my Gmail password... Why am I always a target for these low-lifes? Grrhhh...

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