Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nice Friday Night

I'm guilty of emotionalism. What is this swinging in and out of happiness? It's just probably silly hormonal changes.

As I'm typing this, I'm watching Notting Hill on HBO (multitasking is fun! ;)). And I'm giggling away at all that dry English humour. And I'm smiling myself silly at the impeccable way the film was planned - great soundtrack at the right moment, love the dialogue and that walking through the street with season changes shot!

It's funny how I can remember what a friend said about Hugh Grant 6 years ago during one of our sleepover things! "Love those crisp shirts" - or something similar to that (correct me if I'm wrong, CCMC ;P )

For a day that started off fine and took a 180 degree change once I reached office and then unsteadily headed south, with slight hints of uptrends, the day (and also, week) wrapped up nicely with a yummy Thai dinner with a friend and re-watching Notting Hill (feeling all warm and fuzzy).

This post is a brainless pointless one. But tonight I am happy (which seems to be the trend these past 2 weeks). Praise God! I think I've overlooked blogging about the peace He has given me... I hope I'll get down to it soon! :)

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