Saturday, October 03, 2009

Becoming Aunt Agony

I don't know why I'm always ending up becoming Aunt Agony (someone to listen to your problems and is expected to offer advice). Why do people ask me about relationship matters? Do I look like I have tremendous experience in that department? The funny thing is even after pointing out my inexperience, they turn back with a reply "these things don't need experience to know" (erm... huh? yeah, they do!?!)

All this listening and advising makes me feel old - like some big sister. When the fact is I'm nobody's big sister! I am and always will be the younger sister in my family. Sometimes I just don't want to know (ignorance is bliss), but if a person insists on telling, what can I do? Can't be saying NO to a friend, right? So there I am, feeling like an alien, giving words of advice that I have never taken or seen the need to use before, but seems like the right thing to say in the situation.

Well, I hope I did not go wrong in offering my point of view. And although it was a bit self-destructive in one case, I think I feel better for choosing to say the right thing. Anyway it all comes back to you in a vicious cycle, doesn't it? You deliberately sabotage someone, and down the line you get the same treatment. Well well, all the best to them! Hope happiness is just around the hill...

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