Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Apple Parable

I have an apple. I know it's going soft and bad. Although in form, it's still recognisable as an apple, but I know it is filled with maggots just shy of bursting through the apple's skin. The stench is nauseating and it is attracting bluebottle flies.

So the question comes up on what should I do. Do I:

  1. Tell myself that I should be thankful for having the apple, take a deep breath and bite into the apple?
  2. Shout out loud to my neighbours that there is nothing wrong with the apple and gulp it down fast although it tastes putrid?
  3. Take the 50 sen a 'so called friend' has offered me for eating the decaying apple because money is all I can think of at the moment?
  4. Trust in the apple blindly because at one time in the past it was a fresh apple (or appeared to be so) and things can't change that much, right?
  5. Listen to my 'so called friends' and partake in the apple because they are also doing the same?
  6. Blame the stench on every other thing under the sun besides the apple and continue to worship the apple?
  7. Stir up a fuss that the pears were to be blamed for the apple going bad?
  8. Throw the apple away and go to the supermarket to shop for a new fruit or fruits, if I'm feeling hopeful?

The point is, at the end of the day who is going to face the consequences of holding on to a rotten apple? And upon eating the rotten apple, who is going to get a diarrhea attack? The apple? Nope. It's me! Isn't the option that has to be chosen obvious?

God has given each one of us brains enough to discern what is good for our bodies. And if we keep choosing poison over nutrition, when shit hits the fan the blame lies with ourselves.

Happy birthday, Malaysia!

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