Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Finally a Mixer!

I bought cream cheese and whipping cream. Gelatin and brown sugar. An oven, butter and Digestive biscuits. Then there was something missing - an electric mixer!

It's funny how I can spend RM100 plus on other things without thinking twice but buying an electric mixer took me many procrastinating trips to the electrical store. In the end, I bought mine online through Lazada!

Lazada online buy
My electric mixer arrived in 2 days! Electrolux Stand Mixer EHSM2000 

Of course, I did a little research online before choosing Electrolux over other brands like Kenwood, Philips and Panasonic. I chose Electrolux mainly for the brand reputation and the value for money. The Electrolux Stand Mixer EHSM2000 has a 300W motor with 5 speeds and a turbo mode and a rotating bowl. Most others within the price range had lower wattage or lesser speed options. If price was not a factor, I would have gone with the Kenwood Chefette, but I was reminded that this could be just another phase. So go safe with the cheaper alternative first.

Purchasing my electric mixer through Lazada app

So happens that there was a promotion going on during the weekend when I checked the electric mixer out on Lazada. I had to re-install the Lazada app to use the coupon (I'd uninstalled the app after I bought my sewing machine through Lazada some months back). I put in my order on Sunday and it was easy to do so. Expected delivery date was Wednesday, but today I received an SMS that the shipment was out.

China electric mixer
My Electrolux Stand Mixer EHSM2000 is made in PRC

When I reached home after work today, it was a delight to find that my parcel had arrived! And surprisingly the vendor was from Ipoh. So it came all the way from Ipoh to Klang Valley and was a day early! So far I've bought two items through Lazada and both were good experiences. I would totally recommend Lazada.

I haven't really tested the electric mixer out yet. I hope to do so within the week. However, unlike my sewing machine, this Electrolux mixer is made in China. I guess that explains the price vantage.

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