Sunday, November 29, 2015

Teapsy on Green Tea

Today I attended my first baking class at The Cooking House. I redeemed the free class for my Panasonic oven purchase earlier this year. I remember accompanying my mum when I was little for such classes at the National/Panasonic showroom in Section 13, PJ, but now I think they have closed down that centre.

So, today we learned how to make Hokkaido cake, matcha and red bean swiss roll and sushi handroll. The session was pretty rushed towards the end as we overshot by an hour. Working in a team of 3, our group managed to complete all but the aesthetics part... questionable! haha none of us had any experience in chiffon cake making (both cakes basically used the chiffon technique).

green tea adzuki whipping cream
Green tea and red bean swiss roll

It seemed to be quite simple to make, but perhaps having limited time, too many hands and limited ingredients caused us to panic and make everything go wrong. It was quite exhausting as I crashed when I finally reached home after a late lunch.

I had my Hokkaido cake (no picture because it was not too good looking but tasted good - as mum would testify) and swiss roll for supper. To complete it, I steeped a cup of ocha from my trip to Japan (I freezed the whole bag because I know I'll take ages to drink it all) and slathered some tea tree oil on my face for acne control.

green tea hot
A tea-full supper - hot Japanese green tea and green tea swiss roll
Today was rather a tea-overload day for someone who isn't a tea person. Oh, and the funny part was that I threw away my green tea powder a few weeks ago and now I have a recipe to use it! Life!

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