Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Cheesecake Fell Apart!

Finally made my chilled cheesecake after many months of procrastinating. I tried a recipe given by a colleague and unfortunately it didn't turn out too good (texture wise).

cream cheese whipping cream
Chilled Cheesecake with chocolate layer

It looked alright when we pushed it out of the cake tin, but from the amount of jiggly-ness, I knew it was going to melt fast. The cheesecake started falling apart when we started cutting it. The taste was good but consistency was off.

too runny cheese cake
Cutting the cheesecake disassembled the layers - cream cheese, chocolate and biscuit

cream cheese chocolate biscuit
First taste - ok but it wasn't like a cake... maybe more of a tart?

This is the second time that I've tried making chilled cheesecake and both failed in maintaining good form. At first I thought the culprit was the 'agar-agar mix' I used but after pouring out the cream cheese and mixing in the correct gelatine, it was slightly better but not much. So I think the problem lies in the whipping cream I've used both times. I heard that I should use thickened cream instead (but online recipes had said to use whipping cream). Anyway, perhaps the next round I will try that instead.

Whipping cream made my mixture fluid. Next time to try

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