Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Biggest Super Ring Cheese Ball

Most Malaysian who have had their childhood locally would know and remember this electric blue plastic bag with luminous orange cheese rings - Super Ring! Although Super Ring has evolved through the years to a lighter orange (apparently natural cheese colour), it's taste is unmistakably the same. Just yummy milky cheesy yummy.

orange and blue
Super Ring cheesy goodness!

Some weeks back, I was having midnight hunger pangs and decided to open up a pack of Super Ring (I have abundant junk food ever ready in my home). I was shocked when I looked into the foil pack to find the biggest cheese ball I've seen in my life!

manufacturing defect
Biggest cheese ball
late night snack
Mutant cheese ball
It must've been a manufacturing defect but I ate it up anyway! Well, most of it... until it came to a point where the compacted cheese powder was too much for me! haha Jelak!

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