Monday, June 23, 2014

Being Thankful: Days 127, 128 & 129

I'm thankful for:

  1. fruitful days - every minute is considered productive.
  2. finally replying some messages - didn't realise it took me weeks to respond. Gosh, need to start keeping track of things.
  3. Friday dinner date with mah gooood fren! Twice in a week to the place I said I would not go back to and Tous Les Jours. Ketchup catchup.
  4. twice in a week late night macchiato overdose. Wonderful sleep therapy and hyper active the next day making two dinners a night a must.
  5. learning more and more under pressure. Mistakes happen but it just teaches me to look out for such mistakes the next time around. Second year of reviewing audited accounts and I'm proud that I could proofread and revert for 4 companies within an hour on Friday after 6pm!
  6. supportive people around me. God always puts a balance of angels and annoyers around me. Hope I can overcome this turning point. Or does He have another plan for me? Let's wait and see.
  7. my BSF leader as she had been one of my confidante in the stormy times last month. Always having words of encouragement and surrendering my 'predicament' to the Lord.
  8. excited for the upcoming wedding! What should I wear? Can I bring a curling tong onto the plane?
  9. prototyping - didn't expect we could come up with so many ideas at one go. And to be able to build the prototypes with basically... waste!
  10. seeing the reaction on people's faces to the prototypes.
  11. rejection - don't feel so 'malufying' now anymore.
  12. horrible English is damn funny yo. Our typos galore is just too entertaining. Who said swiftkey was wonderfully predictive!?! 
  13. getting to know my team members better.
  14. our carb-high time - talk rubbish, hear rubbish and couldn't find the masking tape in front of me!
  15. so much activities that gives me no time for thinking about... dot dot dot. It's a good thing, eraser please.
  16. falling asleep with my youversion at home and then finding more concentration in a noisy cafe in Taipan. What are the odds?
  17. the midnight owl. Time to complete my BSF homework! Omg, my one month break is over and I'm cramming on the night before class...

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