Friday, June 13, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 120

Wow, unknowingly it's already 120 days of brain rewiring! Although the fervour for the entrepreneurship MOOC didn't last, at least this is one of the takeaways I have.

I'm thankful for:

  1. praises. Sometimes it gets really hard when you have no feedback on your performance and start assuming your work is going to the dogs. It is human nature to always be quick to criticise and slow to praise. But occasionally you get to hear from peers that you have value indeed, and this is encouraging.
  2. water. It was about the only thing that could stop me from my uncontrollable coughing fit. Felt really bad coughing in front of a pregnant lady and she just kept on teaching me how to draft a discharge of Charges resolution.
  3. karma. Yeah, I shouldn't be 'believing' in such things but there is that unmistakable 'leap in the heart' when I see 'what goes around comes around' in action. All this politicking... something is bound to give way one day.
  4. Poppy. Such an endearing mutt.
  5. Zacky. Such a grumpy old boy.
  6. Excitement for tomorrow!

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